Together with other two organisations committed to address criminal justice issues in Europe, the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) is part of the Criminal Justice Platform Europe (CJPE).
Since 2012, CJPE brings together three organizations working in the fields of detention (EuroPris), Probation (Confederation of European Probation, CEP) and Restorative Justice (EFRJ) ‘to reduce re-offending and the impact of crime and to improve methods of working with victims, communities and offenders throughout Europe.’ CJPE’s special focus for 2014 and 2015 is on the protection of victims of crime.
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What is the CJPE?

It is a partnership of three network organisations.  Each of them – CEP, EuroPris and EFRJ – has a wide membership of organisations from across Europe comprising public authorities, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions and individual experts. The CJPE’s members are equally represented. It is a non-statutory collaboration. The Ministry of Justice in Catalonia supports the CJPE and provides meeting and administration resources in the Centre for Legal Studies, Barcelona.

How was the CJPE started?

In October 2011 a workshop was held in Rotterdam for senior representatives of organisations representing probation, prisons, restorative justice and victims. It was decided to create a new method of collaborating. The CJPE was launched in 2012 with a programme of regular meetings to coordinate activities.

What are its aims?

  • To develop a joint understanding of the chain of needs and responsibilities
  • To have a commitment to shared human rights values
  • To increase respect and understanding for members’ work
  • To achieve financial sustainability for members’ pan-European work

Platform Priorities 2014-2015

  • Implementing – EU Directive on the rights, protection and support of victims of crime, including the restorative justice arrangements
  • Focusing – on strategy and practice issues relating to Framework Decisions 909/2008, 829/2008, 947/2008, radicalization and drugs crime
  • Leading and developing – on the implementation of EU initiatives
  • Sharing – information and knowledge between the three organisations and their members
  • Advising European institutions – on future direction and initiatives based on practice and evidence
  • Making visible – benefits of joint work and thinking

Current Activities

  • At least 3 Platform Events a year
  • Workshop on implementation of the Victims’ Directive
  • Seminars on new developments and approaches
  • Attendance and contributions to international conferences
  • Developing communication strategy and ways of sharing information and decisions
  • Joint approaches and communication to European institutions


To share ideas and for more information please contact:
CJPE’s Development Manager, Anna Esquerrà Roqueta –
CEP – Willem van der Brugge, Secretary General –
EuroPris – Kirsten Hawlitschek, Executive Director –
EFRJ – Daria Nashat, Executive Director –




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