The EFRJ membership consists of individuals and organisations. Our organisational members are listed here, to give visibility to their activities in different countries. Scroll down to see:

  •  a short presentation of those organisational members who were formally approved during the Annual General Meeting in Tirana (13 June 2018);
  • a list of new organisational members that will be formally approved at the Annual General Meeting in Bilbao (4 June 2019), as their application was received after the previous AGM;
  • the membership directory (excluding individual members) updated in July 2018, after the AGM: please contact the EFRJ Secretariat if you are a member and your organisation does not appear in this list!

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NEW IN 2018


CAW Noord-West-Vlaanderen


CAW Noord-West-Vlaanderen is an organisation that focuses on improving the wellbeing of people. There are eleven CAW’s in Flanders and Brussels; CAW Noord-West-Vlaanderen is active in the Northern region of the Belgian province West-Flanders. CAW provides help to people and their wellbeing in various ways, e.g. in cases with financial difficulties, relationships’ problems, questions about education, mental health, housing, victimization. In the prisons of Bruges and Ruiselede, CAW’s teams offer assistance to the prisoners and their families. They were introduced to restorative practices during a seminar some years ago: since then, CAW has adjusted the vision statement of those teams to implement restorative thinking in their practice. This resulted in a new way of working with prisoners and their families: building community in prison, connecting prisoners with their support network, doing formal restorative conferences with the detained and their family, holding family group conferences for dealing with more difficult phases (e.g. beginning of detention period, release). By joining the EFRJ, we want to connect with other organisations to learn with and from them and continue our restorative work to get closer to our professional dream: creating a restorative prison. Contact: Hannelore Pintelon


Probation and Mediation Service

pms logo bar vertik cz

The Probation and Mediation Service was established on 1.1.2001 when the Probation and Mediation Service Act, No. 257/200 Coll., came into force. The form and the concept of the Act were influenced by the ideas, experience and practice of the restorative justice programmes from abroad. The Service which is a governmental component unit subordinate to the Ministry of Justice applies the restorative justice principles when working with its clients – offenders, victims and the affected community. One of the core activities is the victim-offender mediation that is carried out at all stages of criminal procedures. The services are provided by skilled professionals and are accessible at 74 Service Centres located in the Czech Republic. In order to raise public awareness and promote its work in the field of justice, the Service organizes various events (e.g. Mediation Settlement Day, Restorative Justice Week, European Day for Victims of Crime) which aims at addressing the general public and justice professionals. Its employees regularly attend conferences, meetings, school debates. “By broadening our knowledge, deepening cooperation and sharing good practice with colleagues from other countries, we would like to contribute to further promotion, provision and development of restorative justice in the Czech Republic,” says Andrea Matoušková, director of the Probation and Mediation Service. PMS is also on Facebook and Twitter. Contact: Kristina Laboha and Miroslava Jakesova.



Extern Parent- 40th brand ID

Extern is the leading social justice charity operating across the island of Ireland. Operating for 40 years, every day Extern works alongside children, young people and families, to empower positive change and support family unity. It also supports people who are homeless or facing homelessness, refugees, the traveller community, people living with an offending past, those living with the impact of suicide and those dealing with mental health and drug and alcohol issues, to change their lives. As a charity, Extern strives for an inclusive and fair society; keeping children and their families together where possible; reducing offending and the impact of offending on victims and the community; that people have somewhere to live and that the people we work with are better equipped to live and make a contribution to their community.  Last year Extern supported over 18,000 people across the island of Ireland who were in need of support. Extern has a Restorative Drivers Programme in the Republic of Ireland for adults involved in road traffic offences and is keen to develop restorative practices across a wide range of services. As members of the EFRJ we see many opportunities for learning from other restorative organisations as we grow. Contact:  Danny McQuillan (Director of Services)





C.R.I.S.I. S.c.a.r.l. Onlus

C.R.I.S.I. S.c.a.r.l. Onlus


Nepal Institute of Justice

Nepal institute of Justice


Stichting Jongerenrechtbanken Nederland

Stichting Jongerenrechtbanken Nederland


Norwegian Red Cross Street Mediation

red cross norway

The Red Cross Street Mediation (Gatemegling) is a methodology that is administered by the Norwegian Red Cross. The Street Mediation project was first developed in the late 90`s as a reaction to an increase in crime, gang activity and violence amongst young people in the capital of Norway, Oslo. The main objective of the Street Mediation methodology is to give youth tools and skills to manage challenges and conflicts constructively and without the use of violence. Young people between 13 to 25 years are trained in non-violent communication, conflict management and mediation and are empowered to become positive role models, meditators and peer educators in their local community. In addition Street Mediation consists of networks of adults, both volunteers and professionals (e.g. crime prevention, child welfare service) that together with the youth mobilize in restorative processes when needed. Contact: Mari Olsgaard


Bristol Mediation

  Bristol Mediation


NEW IN 2019

SPAIN – Federación Española Justica Restaurativa
UNITED KINGDOM – Restorative Now
UNITED KINGDOM – Community Justice Scotland
ESTONIA – Estonian Social Insurance Board
SPAIN – Institucion De Mediacion
IRELAND – Early Learning Initiative
BELGIUM – Le Radian
GERMANY – WAAGE Hannover e.V.
BELGIUM – ADAM – CAW Antwerpen
ITALY – Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
THE NETHERLANDS – Avans Centre for Public Safety and Criminal Justice
POLAND – European Mediation Institute of Fred Gijbels Fundation
NEW ZEALAND – Victoria University of Wellington
ITALY – Associazione Aleteia -Studi e Ricerche Giustizia Riparativa e Mediazione



Country ORGANIZATION Website
1 Albania Albanian Foundation for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation of Disputes(AFCR)
2 Albania National Chamber of Mediation
3 Austria NEUSTART
4 Austria Institute for Sociology of Law
5 Belgium Moderator
6 Belgium Alba vzw
7 Belgium Centre GACEP
8 Belgium MEDIANTE asbl
9 Belgium CAW Noord-West-Vlaanderen
10 Czech Republic Probation and Mediation Service
11 France Fédération Citoyens et Justice
12 France Question De Justice
13 France Institut Français pour la Justice Restaurative (IFPR)
14 Germany DBH TOA-Servicebuero
15 Hungary Foresee Research Group
16 Hungary Family Child Youth Association
17 Ireland Restorative Justice Services
18 Ireland Extern Northern Ireland
19 Italy Associazione Sponde’ ONLUS
20 Italy C.R.I.S.I. S.c.a.r.l. Onlus
21 Italy CESGREM
22 Italy C.E.A.S. Coopertiva Sociale
23 Italy Regione Autonoma Trentino Alto-Adige/ Uffico Integrazione Europeane aiuti umanitari
24 Latvia State Probaton Service
25 Nepal Nepal institute of Justice
26 Netherlands Restorative Justice Nederland
27 Netherlands Stichting Jongerenrechtbanken Nederland
28 Norway National Mediation Service
29 Norway Norwegian Red Cross Street Mediation
30 Russia Center for Mediation and Law
31 Slovenia ZAPORNISKI VIKARIAT (Prison Ministry Slovenia)
32 Spain Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Instituto de Justicia Y Litigation “Alonso Martinez”
33 Spain Fundació Pere Tarres – Ramon Llull University
34 Spain Basque Government – Public Administration and Justice Department
35 Spain Federación Española Justica Restaurativa  
36 Spain ADOSTEN Association
37 Spain Federacion Andaluza ENLACE
38 Switzerland Swiss RJ Forum
39 UK Restorative Now
40 UK IIRP Europe
41 United Kingdom Bristol Mediation