To identify, promote and support principles of good practice


  • Organise bi-annual Summer School
  • Organise seminars and workshops
  • Organise the exchange between practitioners and between trainers
  • Develop and promote good practice standards and ethics

Please note that in 2019 the tasks of this Committee will be redefined. As the EFRJ aims to develop its own training offer, the Committee would also support the development of a ‘pool of trainers’ among the EFRJ membership, the development of trainings and training offers and will be involved in organizing such trainings. The Practice and Training Committee will cooperate with the Values & Standards Committee to use the Values and Standards Statement to assure the quality and ethical conduct of our delivery if we engage in direct provision of training.

For more info on past trainings and Summer Schools click here.

To propose a topic for a training, please contact the EFRJ Secretariat.

Practice and Training Committee

Chair: TBC
Coordinator: Emanuela Biffi, EFRJ Communication & Events Officer
Board representative: Annemieke Wolthuis, EFRJ vice-chair


  • Niall Kearney (UK)
  • Frauke Petzold (Germany)
  • Ad-hoc members: former and current trainers of an event (e.g. Summer School)