Brief history of this Committee

The Practice & Training Committee has a long history at the EFRJ. Important contributors have been EFRJ members Niall Kearney (UK) and Frauke Petzold (Germany), as they co-organised and delivered the training course in the first six editions of the EFRJ Summer School:

  • Pilsen, Czech Republic (2005)
  • Riga, Latvia (2007)
  • Barcelona, Spain (2009)
  • Canterbury, United Kingdom (2011)
  • Vienna, Austria (2013)
  • Lisbon, Portugal (2015)

In Como, Italy (2017) and Gdansk, Poland (2019), Niall and Frauke contributed to this Committee as external advisers, supporting the EFRJ Secretariat (i.e. Emanuela Biffi) and the invited trainers (i.e. Vince Mercer, Kristel Buntinx, Bie Vanseveren, Belinda Hopkins) in organising the 7th and 8th edition of the EFRJ Summer School.

The EFRJ Board and the Secretariat has in the past years felt the need to re-launch the EFRJ Training Committee and re-define its tasks. As the EFRJ aims to develop its own training offer, the Committee would also support the development of a ‘pool of trainers’ within the EFRJ membership, the development of trainings and training offers and will be involved in organizing such trainings. The Training Committee will cooperate with the Values & Standards Committee and will use the manual and practice guidelines on RJ Values and Standards to assure the quality and ethical conduct in the delivery of training.


The Committee will bring together RJ practitioners (and not only) to create an international and intergenerational network which aims at identifying, promoting and supporting principles of good practice. More specifically, the EFRJ Training Committee will:

  • create training offers to further develop professional competences,
  • develop a “pool of trainers”, i.e. European register of RJ trainers and consultants within the EFRJ membership,
  • support and encourage RJ training initiatives across Europe and beyond, promoting good practice standards and ethics,
  • encourage exchange between practitioners and trainers,
  • assist practitioners and trainers in the field,
  • develop strategies to better disseminate values and standards of RJ in practice,
  • encourage dissemination and research on training in RJ,
  • identify gaps in existing training programs and suggest topics to be explored and developed intro a training program,
  • share information on training opportunities for practitioners among EFRJ members and beyond,
  • assist the EFRJ Secretariat in organising training courses (or seminar and workshops) in different parts of Europe.

In general this Committee will:

  • come together to 1 day face-to-face meeting each year (first one planned 26 November 2019 in Leuven, date to be confirmed – expenses covered by the EFRJ);
  • commit to regular virtual meetings (Skype) and exchange of emails;
  • be consulted on this topic by EFRJ staff and members.

The 4 EFRJ members will be selected based on their experience, profession, motivation to participate, and country representation (it will be not a first come- first served basis). Committee members contribute to the work of the EFRJ without remuneration (voluntarily), but the EFRJ will cover the expenses to participate in the meeting in Leuven (travel, food, accommodation).

The deadline for applications is 26 August 2019. You will be informed by the second week of September. We invite interested members to send us a short bio (max 100 words) and a short motivation note, specifying own expertise on the topic and potential contribution to this Committee (max 100 words). Please write “Training Committee” in the subject line of your email.

For more info, or to propose a topic for a training, please contact the Secretariat, or the Secretariat representative: Balint Juhasz, EFRJ Training & Communication Officer, or the Board representative: Tim Chapman, EFRJ chair.