Communication materials in different languages

Thanks to our rich membership, the EFRJ can be a platform for collecting communication materials (e.g. flyers) on RJ in different languages and from different countries. The idea was born by one of our members who needed to design a new flyer to tell victims and offenders about the possibility to have access to RJ services. He addressed the EFRJ Secretariat which mentioned this request on social meedia; other members responded by sharing their communication materials, now posted below to make it accessible to others too.

Please contact us if you would like to make your digital flyers, posters, brochures available for online consultation.


Austria GE- flyer tatausgleich Austria2016


FR- Mediante Dépliant générique
FR- SPF Justice
NL- SPF Justice
NL- Moderator children flyer
NL- Moderator flyer1
NL- Moderator flyer2

Czech Rep. EN- PMS CZ Rep flyer

Germany GE- flyer TOA


HU- CSAGYI general
HU- Mediáció


EN UK RJ Council

MoJ CoRR poster jpeg

New Zealand

EN- flyer NZ