Portrait Bie Van Severen


Alba vzw

Graduated in Ortho-pedagogy, started her professional career whilst working with people with a disabilities. Since 1998 she works in the field of restorative justice with adolescent delinquents and victims, more specifically as a mediator and Family Group Facilitator, for an organization named BAS (now called Alba vzw*), where she is still working today. She is one of the pioneers who implemented Family Group Conferencing in Belgium and trained many other facilitators. Apart from working for Alba vzw, she is also an independent mediator in youth care, dealing with conflicts between clients and the institutions. During all these years working with youngsters, she noticed it isn’t always easy to talk. Sometimes as result of the difficulties of the case or situation, but also because talking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s how she got more engaged in working with materials and images. Over time, she has developed different strategies and started sharing her knowledge with colleagues and people interested in these method. *Alba vzw: Due to conflicts within social norms or with someone’s environment, youngsters or young adults are referred to Alba. Alba tries to start a creative dialogue, without prejudges and in an authentic way. This with respect for everyone involved and everyone’s opinion. We are flexible in our work to be able to have a maximum of participation of all concerned in the situation.