If you attended the REstART Festival (online, 30 November - 5 December 2020), either by watching the artworks online during the week or by interacting with artists, witnesses and practitioners during the scheduled live talks: please share your thoughts with us! Your opinion matters to improve our next events and, restoratively speaking, to learn from our mistakes! Also, in the online form you can share names of artists and artworks we forgot to include and you can let us know if you wish to write a blog piece on your REstART experience!

This is an anonimous feedback.  Pplease tell us about your background (this can be general, so it does not lead to your identification) and about your participation in the REstART festival. At the end of the evaluation form, you can share your email only if you wish to be contacted to write a blog piece on REstART.

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Please share here your general impressions of the REstART Festival by indicating your degree of satisfaction with different aspects of the event.

Main themes and contents of the REstART festival
Contributions available online during the entire week
Scheduled live talks and interactions
Length of the Festival and timetable
International perspective of the programme
Online format of the Festival
Overall satisfaction with the Festival

Please share with us your thoughts on the REstART Festival. Your comments matter to us, to keep on learning and deliver good quality events in the future. 
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