Jo Collinson Scott portrait

Scotland, UK

Reader in Music - University of the West of Scotland

Jo Collinson Scott is a Reader in music at the University of the West of Scotland and an internationally recognised songwriter and multi-instrumentalist working under the name Jo Mango. Her research focuses on the use of songwriting as practice-led-research in collaborative, participatory and community contexts, focusing on areas where cultural, social and/or political intervention is required. She is currently co-investigator and practice-led-research lead on a major 3-year ESRC/AHRC (Economic and Social Research Council/Arts and Humanities Research Council) funded project: 'Distant Voices: Coming Home', stimulating deeper deliberation on issues of punishment and reintegration through art-based collaborative dialogue. Her previous research includes the AHRC funded projects ‘Fields of Green’ - focused on the role of songwriters in exploring environmental sustainability and the climate crisis - and the British Academy funded short album ‘System Hold’, which was developed to address issues around the experience of mass supervision as explored in Prof. Fergus McNeill’s book, ‘Pervasive Punishment’ (Emerald, 2018).