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7th European Restorative Justice Award

The biannual European Restorative Justice Award recognises and celebrates outstanding contributions to the development of restorative justice within Europe. These contributions can be in theoretical, practical, empirical or political fields. Awards can be given to individuals, groups or organisations.

The laureates are chosen every second year by the Board of the EFRJ at the time based on the proposals by EFRJ members. (Nominations can be done by EFRJ members only - to join the membership or renew it click here.). Anyone can be a laureate, nominations can definitely be beyond the EFRJ membership. 

On this page the EFRJ invites the EFRJ members to nominate individual(s), group(s), and/or organisation(s) for the 7th European Restorative Justice Award.

Proposals can be submitted until 25 November 2023. The EFRJ Board and Secretariat will evaluate all proposals; the final decision will be taken by the EFRJ Board during their meeting in December. The nominated person, group or organisation will be contacted in January by the EFRJ Secretariat. Proposers will not be contacted, to keep the surprise until Tallinn 2024.

The Award will be given on the eve of the 12th International EFRJ Conference in Tallinn (Estonia) in May 2024. 

Nominate Your Laureate!

Please submit your proposal(s) in the following form. 

Please clearly state the name of the indivual, group or organisation that you propose as the laureate of the 7th European Restorative Justice Award. Only submit one name in this box (your first choice). If you wish to propose several names, please mention your other proposals in the 3rd box of this form. 
Please give us the contact details (email) of the individuals, groups or organisations you propose and briefly justify your first choice. 
Would you like to propose other, person(s), group(s), or organisations as possible nominees for the 7th Award?
Please list them here, add their email, and explain your reason for proposing them. 
Please put your full name (first & family name). 
Please tell us the name of your organisation. If not applicable please write: 'n.a.'. 
Please tell us your country of residence. 

Watch the nomination campaign video from 2019!