EFRJ Jubilee Magazine

20 years of restorative justice in Europe, the milestones reached together

Happy 20th anniversary European Forum for Restorative Justice! 

The Jubilee Magazine is a special issue of the EFRJ's Newsletter published for the organisation's 20th anniversary. It celebrates  the past, present, and future of the EFRJ and the restorative justice movement in Europe.

The publication is the result of many different hands, including some old foxes of restorative justice; as well as the young generation of activists in the field, mostly from Europe but not only. The Jubilee Magazine passes along intergenerational wisdoms, nostalgic memories, intercultural experiences, thoughtful reflections, and wishful dreams, all united under the colourful umbrella that makes up the EFRJ. 

Enjoy reading!


Publisher: European Forum for Restorative Justice 2020
Editor: Heidi Jokinen
Proof reader: Robert Shaw
Design: Julia Barjau Dachs

Coordinators: Emanuela Biffi and Balint Juhasz
EFRJ Editorial Committee: Claudia Christen-Schneider, Heidi Jokinen, Olga Kisleva, Kim Magiera, Branka Peurača, Nicola Preston, Silvia Randazzo, Diana Ziedina, Robert Shaw

Ivo Aertsen: Emeritus Professor of the KU Leuven Institute of Criminology.
Razwana Begum: Public Safety and Security Programme with Singapore University of Social Sciences. Dobrinka Chankova: Professor of Criminal Procedure Law at South-West University.
Marit de Haan: PhD student, Ghent University.
Ilaria De Vanna: Mediator and trainer at C.R.I.S.I. Mediation Centre.
Borbála Fellegi: Founder and Executive Director of the Foresee Research Group.
Tatiana Laysha: Developmental Psychologist.
Marian Liebmann: Restorative justice practitioner and trainer.
Vince Mercer: Restorative Practice Lead for the AIM Project.
Damiano Francesco Nirchio: Playwright and writer, mediator and restorative justice expert.
Nikita Opal: Human rights defender working in the area of rights and development.
Brunilda Pali: Researcher at the Leuven Institute of Criminology and member of the Board of the EFRJ. Patrizia Patrizi: Università degli Studi di Sassari and Member of the Board of the EFRJ.
Christa Pelikan: Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology.
Lindsey Pointer: Restorative practices educator, researcher, and practitioner.
Petra Masopust Sachova: Member of the Board of the EFRJ.
Robert Shaw: Retired management consultant and member of the Editorial Committee.
Katerina Soulou: Member of the Board of the EFRJ.
Diletta Stendardi: Criminal Lawyer and Mediator.
Edit Törzs: Executive Director of the EFRJ.
Lies Van Cleynenbreugel: Leuven Institute of Criminology.
Kris Vanspauwen: Member of the EFRJ secretariat and former Executive Director of the EFRJ.
Ingrid van Welzenis: Consultant.