Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the core decision making forum of our membership. This is when representatives of the organisation and its working groups and committees report about their activities and achievements and the happenings of the past year, when changes in the membership, and any modifications of the constitution, the rules, regulations  and operational guidances are announced and approved by voting, when eventual board elections take place, and any key issue concerning the whole organisation can be addressed. The AGM typically happens in the summer and is connected to another large scale event  of the EFRJ (for example the international conference, or the symposium). The AGM is public, everyone is welcome to attend. Only full members can vote. 

Annual General Meeting 2023

Please register for the event here. 

On 22-23 June 2023, you may attend the seminar dedicated to policy developments in the restorative justice field.

Extraordinary General Meeting 2022

During the last Annual General Meeting of the EFRJ in Sassari on 22 June 2022, the EFRJ presented the amendment to the EFRJ Constitution that is in order to comply with the new legislation in Belgium.

In order to approve this new text of the Constitution we needed to have two thirds of all our full members present or represented at the AGM. The AGM 2022 did not comply with this requirement, thus, we organise an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on 10 November 2022 online to convene our members to discuss and vote for the changes. In an EGM we need a simple majority of the full members present to approve the changes in the constitution, without a minimum requirement for the number of full members present.

We share with this invitation a link to the official document that is in Dutch, but we provide an ‘unofficial” English translation too. A zoom link is sent to registered participants. Please register by 9 November here.

Annual General Meeting 2022

2022's AGM will take place in Sassari (in Italy), the day before the opening of our 11th International Conference

When: 5 - 7 pm CET on 22 June 2022. 

Where: Sassari (Sardinia, Italy). Aula Magna, Sassari University, Piazza Universita. 

In 2022, a Board Election takes place as well. This happens online between 15-22 June, please check the link below for details: 

» Board Election 2022 & Candidates »


EFRJ AGM 2022 draft Agenda

Members' Invitation to the EFRJ's 2022 AGM in Sassari

Annual General Meeting 2021

On Wednesday 16 June 2021 (17-19h CET) we will meet our membership for the Annual General Meeting. The agenda is shared with members only, about 3 months prior to the AGM.


Annual General Meeting 2020

This is a special year, not only because we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ), but also because this will be probably the first year we may be forced not to meet in person.

The main mission of the EFRJ is to "connect people" and we will do so, even if the current emergency situation finally obliged us to do so virtually. The Annual General meeting of the EFRJ will take place as an online meeting on 24 June 6-8pm (CET). All members are invited to take part in the online meeting. Registration is required. Details of the video-conference will be shared with registered participants. The event will be recorded and non-members may view the video of the event that will be shared on the event's page shortly after the meeting. 

Please click here to download the agenda and the Annexes for this meeting (Minutes of AGM 2019, Memberships for approval, Annual report 2019). 

The event will include Board Elections. Full members are eligible for voting.  The voting will take place online between 17 - 24 June 2020. Full members will receive their personal links to participate in the voting in their e-mail inbox by 17 June 2020. See more information on the Board Elections here

Do not forget to renew your membership 2020 before the AGM.

Please register your attendance here clicking on the Subscribe button at the end of the page. Registered members will receive an invitation to the online meeting to the email address provided. 

Register for the AGM 2020 (available for members) →

Annual general meeting 2019

The European Forum for Restorative Justice membership met at the Annual General Meeting in Bilbao on 4 June, followed by a 2 day symposium on RJ (5-6 June).

Agenda AGM 2019

Annual general meeting 2018

The European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) membership met in Tirana, Albania on 13 June evening, just before the 10th international Conference of the EFRJ (14-16 June).

Please find here the agenda , the minutes of the meeting, with its annexes:

AGM 2019 agenda and minutes

Annex I AGM 2017 agenda and minutes

Annex II Annual report

Annex III EFRJ board candidates

Annex IV Constitution amendmentsfor AGM

Annex V Explanatory document on constitutional changes

Annual general meeting 2017

On 2017 our European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) membership gathered together in Berlin on 1 June for the EFRJ Annual General Meeting (AGM)

AGM Agenda Berlin 2017

Annual general meeting 2016

The European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) Annual General meeting 2016 took place on 21 June in Leiden (The Netherlands) the day before the 9th international conference began (22-24 June).

This has been a special AGM because EFRJ Board and Staff presented the findings of the Forum 15 project and four new Board members were elected. 

Agenda AGM 2016

Annual general meeting 2015

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the European Forum for Restorative Justice and the seminar “Access to mediation for victims of domestic violence” took place in Warsaw (Poland) on 21-22 May 2015.

Announcement AGM 2015

Programme seminar “Access to mediation for victims of domestic violence”

Annual general meeting 2014

On 11th June 2014, during the 8th international European Forum for Restorative justice conference in Belfast, the Annual General Meeting took place and three new board members were elected; Roberto Moreno, Kinnunen Aarne and Justad Lars Otto.