Restorative justice has grown immensely in the last decades, both within the criminal justice system as a response to crime, and in society as a response to social harms and conflicts. Its application within the criminal justice system raises questions around effectiveness and impact for its main stakeholders, but also around its possible impact on the transformation of the justice system as a whole. Its application outside the criminal justice system raises questions around its social impact on our society as a whole. While it is crucial to understand the impact of our practices and our justice paradigms, it is also important to engage critically with the trends and questions around evaluation and impact.

On 5 November 2021, the Research Committee of the European Forum for Restorative Justice will therefore organise a conference that aims to engage in collective, critical and productive discussions around themes of social impact and evaluation of restorative justice. The conference will focus more specifically on these questions and topics:

  1. Efficiency and evaluation of restorative justice programmes;
  2. Moving from evaluation towards the social impact of restorative justice;
  3. The role of European and international organisations in popularising and fostering restorative justice cultures, practices, policies; and
  4. Narrating the impact of restorative justice.


More info on this event will be available at the end of July. For now, save the date & register!



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