Since the second half of 2020 (during the Covid-19 restrictions), the European Forum for Restorative Justice (sometimes in cooperation with its partners and members) organises a series of webinars to keep in touch with its community of restorative justice professionals.  

Flyer of the webinars 2022

Upcoming webinars on restorative justice

21 November - 8 December 2022

21 NOVEMBER 2022 / 17-18:00 CET 
Inspirational Children’s Books on Restorative Justice with Lindsey Pointer (USA) & Roberta Cifariello (Germany)

23 NOVEMBER 2022 / 16-17:00 CET 
Restorative Justice in Cases of Violent Extremism with the EFRJ Working Group on Violent Extremism

28 NOVEMBER 2022 / 10-11:30 CET
A Journey around Restorative Cities with the EFRJ Working Group on Restorative Cities

7 DECEMBER 2022 / 17-19:00 CET 
Restorative Justice and Gender-Based Violence with the EFRJ Working Group on Gender-Based Violence

8 DECEMBER 2022 / 18-19:30 CET 
Arts in Restorative Justice Practices, Theories and Training with the EFRJ Editorial Committee