Webinar on online restorative justice practices during Covid-19


Since the second half of 2020 (during the Covid-19 restrictions), the European Forum for Restorative Justice (sometimes in cooperation with its partners and members) organises a series of webinars to keep in touch with its community of restorative justice professionals.  

Webinars 2024

12 JANUARY 2024 / 17-18:30 CET 
Launch Event of the Travel Guide on Restorative Cities with the EFRJ Working Group on Restorative Cities

Webinars 2023

10 MARCH 2023 / 16-17:00 CET 
International Women's Day: Testimony on restorative justice with Maiana Bidegain (France)

21 SEPTEMBER 2023 / 17-19:00 CET
Living Our Values: Voluntariness with the EFRJ Values & Standard Committee

22 NOVEMBER 2023/ 17-19:00 CET
Living Our Values: Confidentiality with the EFRJ Values & Standard Committee

28 NOVEMBER 2023 / 16:18:00 CET
Time to Talk: Coherency with restorative justice principles and values for EFRJ members only

8 DECEMBER 2023 / 17:18:30 CET
REstART: Dancing Restorative Justice with Zahy Vera (Cuba/ Spain) and Pilar González Rivero (Spain) 

Flyer of the webinars 2022

Webinars 2022

21 November - 8 December 2022

21 NOVEMBER 2022 / 17-18:00 CET 
Inspirational Children’s Books on Restorative Justice with Lindsey Pointer (USA) & Roberta Cifariello (Germany)

23 NOVEMBER 2022 / 16-17:00 CET 
Restorative Justice in Cases of Violent Extremism with the EFRJ Working Group on Violent Extremism

28 NOVEMBER 2022 / 10-11:30 CET
A Journey around Restorative Cities with the EFRJ Working Group on Restorative Cities

7 DECEMBER 2022 / 17-19:00 CET 
Restorative Justice and Gender-Based Violence with the EFRJ Working Group on Gender-Based Violence

8 DECEMBER 2022 / 18-19:30 CET 
Arts in Restorative Justice Practices, Theories and Training with the EFRJ Editorial Committee

The webinar organised by the Criminal Justice Platform Europe on the 3 of March 2022 aims to explore the role of prison and probation services in ensuring victim’s rights. What are the important elements of the Victims’ Rights Directive in this regard and what are the lessons learned? How do prison and probation services address the victims’ right to information? Starting with practice examples from prison and probation services the webinar will discuss the broader situation of victims’ rights in different legal systems and specifically in prison and probation.

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On 5 November 2021, the Research Committee of the European Forum for Restorative Justice organised a conference that aimed to engage in collective, critical and productive discussions around themes of social impact and evaluation of restorative justice. Video recordings are available in this page. 

In the 4th webinar of the series about Restorative School Culture with Michelle Stowe (Ireland) and Nancy Riestenberg  (USA)
will talk about how restorative practices can transform the culture and improve the climate in schools on 13 December. 

Victims’ rights in Europe evolved in the past years, and the European Commission launched its first ever Victims’ Rights Strategy in 2020. What are important elements of this Strategy? What are the implications for probation, prison and restorative justice? How could these fields support victims’ rights and make their work more informed on victims’ needs? 
Victims' rights in Europe - Why do they matter for offender reintegration? Free webinar on 7 July 2021 between 10 am - 12 pm CEST. 

Starting from June 2020, Lecco restorative City organised a series of restorative circles (the so called RestoCovid Circles) bringing together doctors and nurses, survivors of Covid-19, family members who lost someone because of the pandemic, and other citizens affected by this situation. The voice spread around the city and by now this group has hosted 5 circles bringing together 70 citizens. This is a testimonial from 5 participants of these circles (31/5).

Webinar on gender based violence (8  March 2021, 4 - 6 pm CET) and inspiring materials on violent extremism. 

We continue our series of webinars reflecting on the social challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic with a talk by Lucy Jaffe (UK) and Miriam Attias (Finland).  Send us your questions in advance and join the event!

This webinar series starts aim of “Looking Forward” to restorative justice in the aftermath of the pandemic emergency crisis.

The European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ), in cooperation with other international and national organisations in the field of restorative justice, takes part in the first RJ World e-Conference. 

The Criminal Justice Platform Europe (EuroPris, CEP and EFRJ) organises a series of free webinars with key-experts on responses to sexual violence.