Repair & Reform

Restoring Dialogue, Solidarity & Justice in Today's Societies

The Restorative Justice Week 2023 will take place between 19 - 25 November 2023. 

This year's theme highlights the relevance of restorative justice when it comes to facing the great challenges of our times. It presents restorative justice is a versatile instrument at our availability that can contribute to ease or resolve conflicts weighing on us. Conflicts that we struggle with, that we find difficult imagining how to tackle. It offers unrecognised ways to approach deeply trenched matters, new clues for starting a dialogue, making connections, building solidarity, restoring justice.  It fuels our quest for better ways for living together.


More information on the campaign and supporting campaign materials will come very soon. Please check again this page!

Different ways to join the campaign preparations

  • Translate the campaign materials to your own language and send it to us! 
  • Join our preparatory meeting to share ideas, get inspired, seek support, join collaborations! (see the details below)
  • Read about previous years' campaigns to get inspired!
  • Plan and organise a local or online event during the Restorative Justice Week!
  • Plan and organise an online campaign during the Restorative Justice Week!
  • Submit your plans to us through the from below, so we can give visibility to them! 
  • Use our campaign materials to create (a series of) social media posts, web or printed materials that you can launch during the week! (coming soon)
  • Follow our communications, mark the dates in your calendar, and plan your attendance of #RJWeek events throughout the week! 
  • Tell about the campaign to your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues - so they can also plan their attendance in advance!

Planning to contribute to the #RJWeek '23? Attend our Preparatory Meeting!

  • Do you need ideas to organise an event or a campaign? 
  • Do you have plans for an event and need help organising it? 
  • Do you have great ideas that can inspire others? 
  • Do you need practical support? 
  • Would you like to organise something in collaboration with others? 

Attend our online Restorative Justice Week Preparatory Meeting on 5 October 2023 between 5 -6 pm CEST!

Translate the campaign materials to your own langue - we provide the design!

Would you like to have the campaign materials in your own language? Provide us the translation of the following campaign elements: 

  • RJWeek 
  • Restorative Justice Week 
  • Repair & Reform 
  • Restoring Dialogue, Solidarity & Justice in Today's Societies
  • 19 - 25 November 2023

... and we will share the designed materials in your own language! 

You can add these as headers, footers, labels, stickers to your own flyers, posters or banners, or use them independently as social media posts or on your website. 

Watch the movie "All your faces" with us

Join the screening of "All your faces" / "Je verrai toujours vos visages" in Leuven (Belgium) on 24 November at 7:30 pm in Cinema Zed. 

A Little History

It all started in 1975 in England, where prison chaplains launched a day to remember incarcerated people, the ‘Prisoner’s Sunday’. The idea was then spread in other countries and 20 years later it become the ‘Prisoner’s Week’.
Finally, in 1996 Canada expanded the prisoner’s week into the ‘Restorative Justice Week: Community, Victims, and Prisoners’, later shortened to ‘Restorative Justice Week’.  
Nowadays, the International RESTORATIVE JUSTICE WEEK (#RJWeek) takes place every year all over Europe and beyond. The European Forum for Restorative Justice joins the annual international campaign since 2000 with initiatives organised by the Secretariat and by sharing information on events launched by our members! 

The ‘Prisoner’s Week’ is still celebrated and in Belgium the national prison week and our international Restorative Justice Week are celebrated with a good collaboration between the EFRJ and local organisers working in prison settings: for example, in 2017 their theme is about family members of prisoners, something where restorative justice can have a proper say.

Help us collect and map events organised to celebrate the Restorative Justice Week in 2023.

We encourage our members to organise their local events, and help us make the extended network of restorative events visible by sharing information on what is happening at different locations around Europe and beyond. 
If you are organiser of a local event (or several), please provide us information via this form. 

Please provide here information about any event organised to celebrate the international Restorative Justice Week! If you organise several events, please fill in the form for each separately. Thank you! 
Please provide the country which is organising the event. 
Please give the venue where the event will be organised. Please be as specific as possible as we will display the RJWeek events on a map. Please indicate here if it wil be an online event.
Please give the main language of the event. 
Please provide a short text that we can use to promote your event or diesseminate information about it. Please include the target audience of the event. 
If you would like to enable inquires about the event, please provide an email address where you can be contacted.