Celebrating Women's Role in Restorative Justice Academia

On the occasion of the International Women's Day of 2024, key scholars collaborating with the European Forum for Restorative Justice invite you to an online discussion on the topic of the role of women in restorative justice academia.

This is in line with the United Nations' theme "Invest in women: Accelerate progress”; among this years' aims, the UN calls for more support to women as change-makers. You may join the campaign with the hashtag #InvestInWomen.

You can meet our five invited guests, Mara Schiff, Kerry Clamp, Fernanda Fonseca Rosenblatt, Thalia Gonzalez and Brunilda Pali, at the webinar scheduled on 6 March 2024 at 16-17:30 CET on Zoom. 

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6 march 2024

Subjective Reflections on the Influence of Intersectionality and Patriarchy in Restorative Justice Scholarship

This panel brings together established international, intergenerational, intersectional female scholars to reflect on the experience of patriarchal structures in their own academic work environments, and how the influence of gender and intersectionality has shaped and defined restorative justice scholarship. 

Situating in heavily male-dominated disciplines of law and criminology, initial observations suggest that while practices is often dominated by women, men have played principal roles in setting research agendas, defining the field, framing conceptual discussions about restorative justice, and dominating academic resources and references. Despite having experienced productive mentorship and collaboration with male colleagues, the speakers' collaborative experiences with women have often emerged both more organically and with a much broader pastoral nature. 

This roundtable invites attendees to join in reflecting on our experiences as restorative justice women in academia, and to collectively develop strategies for intentionally increasing women’s visibility and impact - in our work, our networks, and in shaping the future of the field.  

This panel is meant to be both experiential and generative, using our personal experience to identify patterns and trends, and as a platform to generate future strategies for elevating women’s visibility in the field. 

The speakers

  • Mara Schiff, Associate Professor of Criminology, Florida Atlantic University (United States)
  • Kerry Clamp, University of Nottingham (United Kingdom)
  • Fernanda Fonseca Rosenblatt, International Institute of Restorative Practices (Brasil)
  • Thalia Gonzalez, University of California College of Law (United States)
  • Brunilda Pali, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

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