Our community


Our membership has been continuously growing in the recent years.  Currently, we have almost 400 individual and more than 80 organisational members from 40 different countries in Europe and beyond. We are proud that our members come from many professional fields and backgrounds and that we create a uniquely diverse platform for researchers, practitioners (mediators, facilitators, trainers), policy makers, lawyers and other criminal justice professionals, as well as for students. Our membership is not only about receiving information and other benefits, but also an opportunity to be involved in making decisions regarding the organisation, to engage in thematic committees and working groups, contribute to our activities, host our events and to connect to many others interested in developing further restorative justice. See why it is worth to join our vivid community. 

Membership advantages

  • A voice in the decision-making within the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ)
  • Opportunities to contribute through participation in the EFRJ committees and working groups
  • Opportunities to support the work of the EFRJ
  • Opportunity to propose the venue to host future EFRJ events (e.g. conferences, Summer School)
  • Opportunity to be recommended as a restorative justice expert in a given field/geographical area to other EFRJ members
  • Support from the Secretariat when sourcing information

Do you want to join us and become a member?

Membership is open to individuals and organisations (non-governmental or governmental) who support the general aims of the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ).

Full members have voting rights, associate members do not. You may decide which category you want to belong to.  As a full member you are expected to participate in the Annual General Meetings and be active on other events of the EFRJ. Still hesitating to choose FULL or ASSOCIATE status? - Check out our information on the differences. 

To apply for membership is very easy! You just complete the application form and complete the payment procedure. 

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