Mission & Members

The Restorative Blog and the Newsletter, which is being edited by an editorial committee, is one of the European Forum for Restorative Justice's (EFRJ) instruments to act as a platform for communication and participation for all who wish to support restorative justice developments. The Newsletter is based on the articles published in The Restorative Blog, and  typically contains two to three articles, which usually deal with new developments in European countries. These developments can relate to practice, but also to research, policy or legislation. We aim to provide the readers also with short information about new publications, upcoming events and other news. 

Editorial Committee

Editor: Rotating chief editors since 2019
Coordinator: Balint Juhasz, EFRJ communications officer
Board representative: Katerina Soulou (Greece)

  • Robert Shaw (UK)
  • Nicola Preston (UK)
  • Emily Molinary (Italy)
  • Diana Ziedina (Latvia)
  • Claudia Christen Schneider (Switzerland)
  • Olga Kiseleva (Russia)
  • Heidi Jokinen (Finland)
  • Kim Magiera (Germany)
  • Silvia Randazzo (Italy/Belgium)