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The EFRJ offers internships, which are temporary (unpaid) work opportunities at the Secretariat of the European Forum for Restorative Justice. 

Learn more about the organisation, the details of the internship programme, and apply here below. 

“I keep very fond memories from my internship at the European Forum for Restorative Justice. The team is very welcoming, and they make you feel instantly as one more in the restorative justice family. Following this internship was a great opportunity to learn about the great advocacy work the EFRJ does at a local, EU and international level, and to meet incredible professionals from the restorative justice field.”
Georgina Colomé Ginella
Policy Intern (2020-2021)
“The EFRJ was the first time and place where I felt like my work was valued and appreciated, and the first time I felt like a real translator beyond the walls of a university. It is a great place to develop and learn new skills, hand in hand with an amazing and passionate team who is working towards making our society a fairer place through the tool of restorative justice.”
María Belío Bergua
Translation Intern (2021)
“Being an intern for the EFRJ allowed me to develop not only academically in the field of restorative justice, but also to learn about personal life-changing stories and experiences. The EFRJ introduced me to the world of restorative justice, its great minds and hearts, the truth, honesty, kindness and helpfulness that characterises this community and their interactions. My time spent as an intern with the EFRJ has challenged my world view, allowing me to realise the many forgotten/unrecognised positive aspects of humanity.”
Hanga Hasznos
Intern (2020)
“The internship at the EFRJ was very valuable and educational for me. By gaining experience in the field of restorative justice, I was motivated to develop myself further in this direction. I am very thankful for these experiences and especially for the great people I have met. I would advice anyone who aspires to work in the field of restorative justice, an international NGO, or in academia related to restorative justice or critical criminology to do an internship at the EFRJ. It is a great working place and an inspiring environment.”
Sofie Doorman
Intern (2019)

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Please, fill in this form if you would like to submit an application for an internship with the EFRJ. You can download the questions here. This document helps you to prepare your responses in advance and simply copy/ paste them when you are ready to submit your application. You will receive an automatic response in your email, confirming your submission and explaining the next steps and deadlines of the EFRJ Secretariat concerning all internship applications.

This is a rolling application form (open permanently). We evaluate applications 2 times a year. Applications submitted before 15 October will be considered for the following spring and summer semester (February - August); and applications submitted before 15th of April will be considered for the following autumn and winter semester (September - February). The actual internshiop period may be slightly adjusted (in agreement with the candidate), and can be shorter or slightly longer than the given months above.



Country of residence
In 200 words, what relevant studies and/or work did you experience until now?
In 200 words, why do you want to complete an internship at the EFRJ and what is your commitment to the EFRJ’s mission, vision and goals?
In 200 words, what personal traits and technical knowledge can you bring at the EFRJ?
Languages - English level
Think about your reading, listening, speaking and writing language skills
Please, write here other language skills indicating for each one your level (beginner, intermediate, fluent or native)
IT skills
Length of the programme
Please, indicate here your ideal lenght of the programme. Internships can be 4-6 months and extendable to 1 year but please, indicate here below if you would like to propose another length. 
How many hours/ week can you dedicate to the EFRJ?
Where/ how do you plan to complete your internship?
If you plan to work from the office in Leuven, do you need a laptop?
In which area would you prefer to be involved? Choose max 3
In which areas of application of restorative justice are you mostly interested? Choose max 3
Maximum 2 pages in a PDF format
One file only.
8 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, odp, xls, xlsx, ods.

Here you can download and print the full call as a pdf, to better prepare your application, if needed.

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