Brief history of this Committee

The Practice & Training Committee has a long history at the EFRJ. Important contributors have been EFRJ members Niall Kearney (UK) and Frauke Petzold (Germany), as they co-organised and delivered the training course in the first six editions of the EFRJ Summer School:

Pilsen, Czech Republic (2005)
Riga, Latvia (2007)
Barcelona, Spain (2009)
Canterbury, United Kingdom (2011)
Vienna, Austria (2013)
Lisbon, Portugal (2015)

In Como, Italy (2017) and Gdansk, Poland (2019), Niall and Frauke contributed to this Committee as external advisers, supporting the EFRJ Secretariat (i.e. Emanuela Biffi) and the invited trainers (i.e. Vince Mercer, Kristel Buntinx, Bie Vanseveren, Belinda Hopkins) in organising the 7th and 8th edition of the EFRJ Summer School.

As the EFRJ has started to develop its own training offer, in 2019 the EFRJ Board and the Secretariat felt the need to re-launch the EFRJ Training Committee; re-define its tasks and strengthen its cooperation with the Values & Standards Committee, by applying the manual and practice guidelines on restorative justice values and standards in the delivery of training.