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Training Committee

The Committee’s is an important pillar in the EFRJ’s work to enable every person in Europe the right of access to high quality restorative justice. Its purpose is to bring together RJ practitioners (and other experts from related fields) to identify, promote, and support high-quality RJ training practice.  Moreover, as the EFRJ has started to develop its own training offer, in 2019 the EFRJ Board and the Secretariat felt the need to re-launch the EFRJ Training Committee; re-define its tasks and strengthen its cooperation with the Values & Standards Committee, by applying the manual and practice guidelines on restorative justice values and standards in the delivery of training. 

Objectives of the Committee

  • Create training offers to further develop professional competences
  • Administer a “pool of trainers” (European register of qualified RJ trainers and consultants)
  • Support and encourage RJ training initiatives across Europe and beyond
  • Promoting good practice standards and ethics
  • Encourage exchange between practitioners and trainers
  • Assist practitioners and trainers in the field
  • Develop strategies to better disseminate values and standards of RJ in practice
  • Encourage dissemination and research on training in RJ
  • Identify gaps in existing training programs and suggest topics to be explored and developed intro a training program
  • Share information on training opportunities for practitioners among EFRJ members and beyond
  • Assist the EFRJ Secretariat in organising trainings (or seminars and workshops) in different parts of Europe

Members of the Committee 2022-2024

Tim Chapman

Carla Ciavarella

Gael Cochrane

Paul Delaney

Belinda Hopkins

Patrizia Patrizi 

Frauke Petzold

Coordinator: Balint Juhasz, EFRJ communications officer
Board representative: Tim Chapman 

History of the Committee

Acknowledgment to former members

  • Daniela Arieti (Italy)
  • Annemieke Wolthuis (The Netherlands) 
  • Marieke Arnou (Belgium)

EFRJ Summer Schools

The Practice & Training Committee has a long history at the EFRJ, specially in the collaboration of the organisation's training offer such the EFRJ Summer School:

So far, the EFRJ secretariat and some members of the Committee have organised the following Summer School editions:

Pilsen, Czech Republic (2005)
Riga, Latvia (2007)
Barcelona, Spain (2009)
Canterbury, United Kingdom (2011)
Vienna, Austria (2013)
Lisbon, Portugal (2015)
Gdansk, Poland (2017)
Como, Italy (2019)
Varna, Bulgaria (2023) - Registrations open (July 2023)

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Our summer schools concentrate on various areas of restorative justice every second year. 

We offer each year a number of online and in-the-room courses; and on request: tailor made training events in various fields restorative justice and related subjects.

Our Register of Restorative Trainers and Consultants helps us to connect the most seasoned and experienced trainers with those who wish to learn more about restorative justice. 

Contact person for this committee: Bálint Juhasz (