The 11th international conference of the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) entitled "Justice beyond borders: Restorative connections through space and language" takes place in the island of Sardinia. The choice of the location (in late 2018) is not coincidental. The Mediterranean sea has always been a place of encounters, exchange, and hospitality, but also of conflict, clashes, and confrontation. The sea, apparently infinite and without borders, enabled human beings to travel towards places where they encountered natural, social and political borders.

It is the liminal metaphors of borders, boundaries, and frontiers that will inspire and challenge us throughout our 3-day event. Our main focus is understanding together the way in which restorative approaches can contribute towards undoing suffering and injustices that are experienced by people because of physical, economic, cultural, political and social borders. Only by getting closer to limits, can we re-examine identities, transcend constructed barriers and discover new ways to embrace diversity and live together at peace.

This conference was originally planned in June 2020, postponed to 2022 because of the Covid-19 pandemic. 2020 marked the 20th anniversary of the EFRJ and 2022 represents the first time we will meet again after two exceptional years. Restorative justice itself has come of age, it is part of a larger ecosystem and it continued to grow and evolve also in times of the pandemic. In light of modern global challenges, we want to understand also the way in which the restorative justice community challenges its own borders, discovers new spaces and forms of practice and overcomes language and cultural barriers.

If you wish to make full use of your trip to Sassari, you may register also to the pre-conference training (21-22 June).

Download here the booklet with programme of the week.

***If you are a conference participant, you do not have to print the booklet: you will receive it in Sassari at the registration desk.***

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Poster conference Sassari 2022


For the EFRJ conference in Sassari, we invited internationally renowned keynote speakers:

  • Giovanni Grandi – Associate Professor at University of Trieste (Italy)
  • Marie Keenan – Associate Professor at the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, University College Dublin (Ireland)
  • Ailbhe Griffith - Restorative Justice Advocate (Ireland)
  • Dominic Barter – International consultant on Nonviolent Communication and Restorative Practices (Brazil)
  • The Encounter of the Encounters - Witnesses of  the restorative encounters in cases of political violence (Basque Country, Italy and Northern Ireland)

Click here to download the booklet.


In order to plan your trip accordingly, please find below a draft agenda of the 3 day conference (incl. Annual General Meeting of the EFRJ membership). As usual, the EFRJ conference includes plenary sessions and about 10-12 parallel workshop sessions, as well as social moments and local field trips. Download the booklet here.

Tue 21/6 Wed 22/6 Thu 23/6 Fri 24/6 Sat 25/6
9-17 Preconference training*

9-13 Preconference training*

17-19 AGM

19-19.30 European RJ Award Ceremony

19.30-20.30 Reception

9-17.30 Conference

18.30-19.30 Testimonial

20-21 Aperitive

9-17.30 Conference


20.00-23.00 Social dinner

9-13 Conference


14-18/22 Field trips**

*The focus of this 1,5 day training is on methods to support restorative justice practitioners in engaging into dialogue with different groups, for a justice beyond language borders. An additional fee will be asked to attend this event.

**As usual, the programme of the EFRJ conference includes some local field trips planned, most probably in the restorative city of Tempio Pausania, the prison of Nuchis, the juvenile institution in Sassari and in the RJ centre of Nuoro. This is subject to change, depending on the Covid-19 measures in June 2022.


The EFRJ traditionally co-organises its conferences with its local members. In Italy, we have the chance to work with EFRJ members from the Uniss Team delle Pratiche di Giustizia RiparativaTempio Pausania Città Riparativa and PsicoIus Scuola romana di psicologia giuridica. The core team is composed by Prof. Patrizia Patrizi (EFRJ Board), Ernesto Lodi and Gian Luigi Lepri, and it actively cooperates with several other active EFRJ members in Italy.

Our conference is financially supported by the Justice Programme of the European Commission and we are delighted to get additional financial or in kind support, or bursaries for experts to attend the conference (e.g. Alta Scuola Federico Stella in Milan).


The income made through EFRJ events serves to support the overall activities of the organization throughout the year. In the past years the EFRJ has tried to find different ways to make its events more inclusive (for example by proposing the “Pay-What-You-Can” model or granting waivers to the fees).

The fees listed below are an average fee (calculated for 180 paying participants) to cover the costs for the 3-day conference (including one social dinner and one local field visit),  the opening reception (after the AGM) and the 2022 European RJ Award ceremony. Costs include the rental of the venue; the travel, accommodation and food of keynote speakers and EFRJ organizing team; printed and other materials disseminated in the conference bag; lunch and coffee breaks and one social dinner.

As usual, EFRJ members will benefit from a special rate (100 EUR cheaper). This automatic discount is available once you login to the website with your credentials. Make sure you join or renew your membership in 2022 to get the automatic discount. If you face issues to login, or if you have doubts about your membership, or if you are an organisational member willing to register more employees, please contact Rik Defrere. 

You are invited to register with the average fee. If you are able and wish to contribute with the solidarity fee, supporting others to pay a lower fee, you can apply the code Sassari_solidarity: this will add 20% extra to the average fee – we really appreciate your support. If you wish to donate more, please get in touch!
If the average fee is too high for you, use the discount code Sassari_reduced, without giving any explanation, and pay the reduced fee: this will give you a 20% discount to the applicable fee.
If even the reduced fee is an obstacle for you to participate, you have time until 1 March to submit a waiver application form (see details below).


until 15 April


until 30 May


until 30 May

until 30 May

EFRJ member** 230 € 320 € 130 € More info here
Non-EFRJ member 330 € 420 € 230 € More info here
EFRJ member- student*** 160 € n.a. n.a. n.a.

*In addition to the EFRJ Conference, participants can register to the training course “Restorative practices beyond borders”. Note that this event if offered as a conference package, thus you should register to both. Contact Balint Juhasz for more info.
**Login to the website with your member's credentials to receive the automatic discount. Click here to know more about the EFRJ membership, or get in touch with Rik Defrere.
***Students below 27 years old who are members of the EFRJ since June 2021 or earlier can benefit of a special fee. First comes, first served- policy applies for maximum 10 students (until 15 April)!

Please note that the registration is complete only once the payment is received. Online payment (e.g. via credit card, PayPal, iDeal, Bancontact) will be processed by the secure online payment provider Mollie. If you wish to pay via bank transfer, please use the bank details below (subject line: Sassari 2022 + Your Full Name) and make the payment within 3 working days after your registration. In case of international payments, please indicate ‘Shared Costs (SHA)’ to distribute the costs.

European Forum for Restorative Justice
IBAN: BE35 4310 7636 5137
KBC Bank, Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussels

By the beginning of June, registered participants will be asked to confirm their participation to the side events related to the Conference (e.g. Annual General Meeting, reception and European Restorative Justice Award ceremony, local tours, social dinner).

Cancellation policy: If you cancel your registration to the Conference before 25 April 2022, you will receive a refund of 70% of your registration fee. After this date, reimbursement is no longer possible. This cancellation policy includes possible travel bans to Italy due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, with the only exception that the deadline for cancellation is postponed to 7 June 2022 for those participants who can submit official documents proving that their cancellation is due to a travel ban. The EFRJ is not responsible for other costs due to a possible travel ban: we advise that you ensure that your travel bookings, such as flights and accommodation, include cancellation policies. The current policy of the EFRJ is to continue with the conference, but if the EFRJ will be obliged to cancel the full event due to circumstances out of our control (i.e. due to bans from Sardinia, Italy or EC), you will receive a 100% refund of the registration fee.  



COVID-19 RULES >>> Before travelling to Italy in June 2022, you may take this Italian survey to establish what rules apply to your individual situation (please note that rules change on a regular basis, thus take the survey about one week prior to your trip). For more details on the COVID-19 measures in Italy, click here.

TRANSPORT >>> You may travel to the island of Sardinia by plane or boat and use buses and trains for the rest of the trip. In order to be more environmentally friendly, some EFRJ members are planning their trip via land (with trains, buses) and sea (via ferry) from different parts of Europe. Click  here to know more.

ACCOMODATION >>> Sassari offers a variety of different accommodation options (see for example, The EFRJ organising team and plenary speakers will be staying in the Hotel Leonardo da Vinci. Find below some offers from different hotels in the area: more options can be found here. Please note that to have the agreed special price you must write an email directly to the hotel (and do not make the reservation via portals like!).


Hotel Vittorio Emanuele

Corso Vittorio Emanuele 100

Hotel Grazia Deledda

Viale Dante 47

Hotel Leonardo Da Vinci

Via Roma 79

Distance from conservatory

10 min walk (850 mt)

23 min walk (1.8 km)

20 min walk (1.5 km)

Contact details

Discount code




Prices (per person/night) include breakfast and city tax

45 EUR (one-person bed)

52 EUR (one-and-half person bed)

55 EUR (two persons bed)

57 EUR (one-and-half person bed)

62 EUR (two persons bed)

51-62 EUR (two persons bed)

Here you find more information about transports, restaurants and list of hotels you may contact to book your stay in Sassari at a special rate during the conference days. Note that these rates may have changes since 2020.

Sassari 2020 >>> Sassari 2022

Covid-19 changes of plans

The 11th international conference of the EFRJ was originally  planned on  25-27 June 2020. The EFRJ Board and Secretariat, in collaboration with the local organising team from Sassari University, decided to postpone the event to 24-26 June 2021 (read more about the first postponement) and then to 23-25 June 2022 (and after consulting the EFRJ membership through a survey).  We wish to honour the work done until now by the Team delle Pratiche di Giustizia Ristorativa in Sassari University and give you all the opportunity to join this event whenever possible!

Download here the draft programme (of the 2020's conference) to have an idea about the full event: we cannot promise the same in 2022,  but we will try our best to keep this experience as unique as usual! Also, you may look at the programme of the virtual symposium "Restorative Justice Over Distance" organised on 21-25 June 2021 (the conference week) that was put together thanks to the abstracts submitted for the conference (see the call here).