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The European Forum for Restorative Justice organises every second year an international conference, hosted by one if its member organisations. Our conferences provide cutting edge content, various formats of contributions from different perspectives such as practice, research, policy, arts, activism and a forum for professional exchange and development of partnerships. We also celebrate the European Restorative Justice Award during our conferences and we create opportunities to get in contact with local experts and initiatives.

Just Times - poster of the EFRJ conference in Tallinn

Tallinn 2024 (29-31 May)

JUST TIMES: Restorative Justice Responses in Dark Times

The 12th International Conference of the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) will focus on the potential of restorative justice at dark times, times when conflict, war and violence are either present or threaten most nations, regions and communities. 

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Past events

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The first conference organised by the European Forum for Restorative Justice  was held in 1999 in Leuven, since then we organise a conference every second year in different locations around Europe.