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Save the date! - CJPE Summer Course 2023

The 5th edition of the International Criminal Justice Summer Course is dedicated to ‘Mental health issues in criminal justice’, and it will take place in Barcelona, at the Centre for Legal Studies and Specialised Training.

4 - 7 July 2023, Barcelona

Launched in 2012 with the aim to create a new method of collaborating, the Criminal Justice Platform Europe (CJPE) is a partnership of three network organisations working in the fields of detention (EuroPris), Probation (Confederation of European Probation, CEP) and European Forum for Restorative Justice ‘to reduce re-offending and the impact of crime and to improve methods of working with victims, communities and offenders throughout Europe.’

The International Criminal Justice Summer Course will be held in Barcelona on 5-8 July 2022 and will be dedicated to 'Responses to Sexual Violence'. It will be a unique opportunity to finally meet in person professionals from other countries, from different disciplines, and from a range of backgrounds. Participants will be able to share and learn how to respond to sexual violence and ...

The webinar organised by the Criminal Justice Platform Europe on the 3 of March 2022 aims to explore the role of prison and probation services in ensuring victim’s rights. What are the important elements of the Victims’ Rights Directive in this regard and what are the lessons learned? How do prison and probation services address the victims’ right to information? Starting with practice examples from prison and probation services the webinar will discuss the broader situation of victims’ rights in different legal systems and specifically in prison and probation.

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On 30 November morning the partners of the Criminal Justice Platform Europe will organise a webinar on the management of sexual offenders. Leading academics and researchers will be present at the event. The event is free of charge. 

Victims’ rights in Europe evolved in the past years, and the European Commission launched its first ever Victims’ Rights Strategy in 2020. What are important elements of this Strategy? What are the implications for probation, prison and restorative justice? How could these fields support victims’ rights and make their work more informed on victims’ needs? 
Victims' rights in Europe - Why do they matter for offender reintegration? Free webinar on 7 July 2021 between 10 am - 12 pm CEST. 

The Criminal Justice Platform Europe (EuroPris, CEP and EFRJ) organises a series of free webinars with key-experts on responses to sexual violence. 

Because of the current Covid-19 outbreak in Europe, the CJPE postponed its 4th international Criminal Justice Summer Course in Barcelona to July 2021. The focus was on responses to sexual violence. Instead of holding the Summer Course this year, the CJPE organised a series of free webinars with key-experts on this topic

Events organised collaboratively with our partners in the platform.