Mission & Members


The Committee will bring together researchers working on restorative justice, create an international and intergenerational network, and set together future research agendas and collaborations. More specifically, the EFRJ Research Committee will:

  • support and encourage research on restorative justice,
  • assist researchers in the field,
  • develop strategies to better disseminate research outcomes,
  • encourage the representation of research in other criminological or related events, conferences, publications,
  • identify gaps in existing research and can suggest topics to be explored,
  • share information on grant opportunities for researchers among EFRJ members and beyond,
  • initiate project proposals,
  • assist the EFRJ Secretariat to translate the existing research knowledge accumulated in the past years at the EFRJ to practice and policy.

Members of the EFRJ Research Committee

EFRJ Board representative: Katerina Soulou (Greece) 
EFRJ Secretariat representative: Laura Hein

  • Federico Reggio (Italy) - Senior Researcher, Universitá di Padova - chair of the committee
  • Katrine Barnekow Rasmussen (Denmark) - Researcher, University of Copenhagen 
  • Flavia Corso (UK/Italy) - PhD student, University of Surrey
  • Marit De Haan (Belgium) - PhD student, Ghent University, Ghent
  • Fernanda Fonseca Rosenblatt (Brazil) - Professor, International Institute for Restorative Practices, Recife 
  • Gabor Hera (Hungary) - Researcher, Foresee Research Group, Budapest
  • Ena Kazic (Bosnia Herzegovina) - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, International University of Sarajevo 
  • Mara Cielo Linares (Colombia) - Researcher, International Center for Transitional Justice, Bogota
  • Stephan Terblanche (South Africa) - Honorary professor, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pretoria


For more info you may contact the EFRJ Secretariat.

Members EFRJ Research Committee 2019-2021

Measuring tape

Save the date!

On 5 November 2021

the Research Committee organises the online conference
"Measuring, researching, narrating: Discussing the (social) impact of restorative justice".

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