Dominic Barter


International consultant on Dialogical System Design and restorative systems

Dominic Barter collaborates in promoting sustainable, inclusive, adaptable  responses  to  community  needs.  Over the last 25 years he has worked with marginalised communities, organisations, local and national governments, the  UN  and  international  agencies promoting  cooperation and  change,  primarily  in  the  areas of  justice,  education,  governance, collaborative community finance and local self-determination. His innovations have inspired changes in 50 countries, from drug-gangs  to  corporations, in  prisons,  hospitals, churches, social movements, universities, police departments, militia,  civil  conflict  and  its  aftermath, schools and  public  policy.  In  the  mid-90s  he  collaborated in the development of Restorative Circles, a community- based and -owned practice for dynamic engagement with conflict that grew from conversations with residents in gang-controlled shantytown favelas in Rio de Janeiro. He adapted the practice for the Brazilian Ministry of Justice's national projects in Restorative Justice and supports its application around the world. In recent years he has supervised the  mediation  program  for  the  Police Pacification Units in Rio and served as invited professor at the Standing Group for Consensual Methods of Conflict Resolution, at the High Court of Rio.  A  long  time  student and colleague  of  Dr.  Marshall  Rosenberg,  Dominic  served as Board President of the Center for Nonviolent Communication.