The Encounter of the Encounters is the 2024 European Restorative Justice Award Laureate

Members of the The Encounter of the Encounters in Tallinn

Members of the The Encounter of the Encounters at the European Restorative Justice Award ceremony in Tallinn in 2024. 

On 29 May 2024 the European Restorative Justice Award ceremony took place in Tallinn, and we are excited to announce that the 7th laureate is The Encounter of the Encounters.
The Encounter of the Encounters has made an outstanding contribution to the development of restorative justice in a critical period. The first encounter of the group took place in San Sebastian in 2019. Since then, other meetings were organised, promoting cross-borders restorative dialogue between restorative justice participants who experienced political violence and terrorism.
The award was announced and the laudation speech was held by Brunilda Pali, the Vide-Chair of the EFRJ Board. 

The award object was specially designed by Clair Aldington in 2022, who is a member of The Encounter of Encounters. 



The award was designed by Clair Aldington.