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Final event of the Erasmus+ project KINTSUGI

The European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) is one of the partners of the Erasmus+ project "KINTSUGI – Exchange of European Good Practices on Restorative Justice" coordinated by WELCOME (Italy) with partners from Belgium, Italy and Northern Ireland. Within KINTSUGI, three partners organised an international 90-hour training programme on restorative justice, divided over 3 weeks time in Belfast (UK), Rome (Italy) and Namur (Belgium). The training bring together 25 participants from these different countries, working in the field of restorative justice, probation, victim support and related areas.

The final event included:
>>> 4 pre-recorded videos, that will launched during the international Restorative Justice Week 2020: check our Vimeo channel and social media!
>>> a live Q&A session on the project with an open public (27/11 at 10-11am CET)*
>>> a closed event for the KINTSUGI participants only (27/11 at 11-12am CET): after an intimate closing circle, some photos of our two years project were shared, bring our memories back to our beautiful times together.

*During the live Q&A session participants were able to know more about the KINTSUGI project, in terms of training and good practices in restorative justice. You can find the recording of this meeting on the Facebook (it was live streamed on Facebook).



Tim Chapman and Hugh Campbell from Ulster University discuss their experiences of using restorative practices in the aftermath of the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Maria Pia Giuffrida, Grazia Azzali and Antongiulio Gigante present the work of the organisation Sponde, with its humanistic approach to mediation and restorative justice.

Denis Van Doossealere and Antonio Buonatesta share the Belgian experiences of using restorative justice in criminal justice cases, respectively with youth and adults.

Silvia Randazzo and Nancy Van Eynde represented the EFRJ in this project, bringing in research, practice and training experiences. In this video, while comparing the KINTSUGI activities in Belfast, Rome and (online) Namur, they discuss the project outcomes with Emanuela Biffi, member of the management team of the KINTSUGI project on behalf of the EFRJ.