Camino from Roncesvalles to Zubiri

Restorative Trainers' Retreat 2023

In 2023, the EFRJ is organising its first ever Restorative Trainers’ Retreat. The event invites trainers to share inspiring models and practices of how to facilitate restorative learning, to learn from each other and spend 4 special days together in a unique location. 

The Retreat will take place right after the 12th International Seminar of the EFRJ, between 24 - 27 June 2023, in Roncesvalles, Navarra, Spain. 

Roncesvalles is a small settlement in the Pyrenees, close to the French border. It is an important stop for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. It is one hour drive from Pamplona. 

The event will feature workshops on the subject of restorative training. These are offered and will be delivered by the attendees. You can either register having proposed a workshop or simply as a participant. Trainers whose workshop concept is selected will pay a reduced participation fee. 

For Who

The Retreat brings together trainers in restorative justice and related areas. All trainers are welcome:

  • With little or extensive experience in training organisation, facilitation and delivery;
  • With extensive experience in training, even if little in restorative justice
  • Senior restorative justice facilitators interested to improve their training skill are also welcome


The Trainers’ Retreat has the following aims: 

  • exploring key qualities of restorative learning and principles of facilitation that can enable these
  • consolidating skills and competencies of (junior and senior) restorative trainers
  • fostering trainers' professional exchange
  • strengthening the network of restorative trainers and professional connections
  • offering a space for trainers to share and discuss challenges in their work 
  • offering a space for getting inspired & recharged 


If you wish to register without proposing a pre-designed workshop you can do it right now. In case you wish to propose a pre-designed workshop, please read the information below and submit your proposal first. Please note that only 6 Workshops will be accepted. You will also find detailed information about the fees, registration process and cancellation policy below. 




Calle Ntra. Sra. de Roncesvalles, 14
31650 Roncesvalles


Start: 24 June at 12 pm

End: 27 June at 12 pm

The Trainers' Retreat is realised with the financial support of the Navarra Government and the Justice Programme of the European Union. 


 Saturday, 24 JuneSunday, 25 JuneMonday, 26 JuneTuesday, 27 June
9:00 am - 12:15 pmtravel to Roncesvalles (transfer cars will depart from Pamplona at 10 am & 11 am)Creating safe spaces and fostering connection through circle-keeping (Magali Lapouge) & The medium is the message: Learning about community building and building community at the same time (Vicenç Rul·lan) Playful Approaches to Restorative Training (Tom Mellor) & 
Two Games - Two Learning Experiences (Tim Chapman)
One Game - One Learning Experience (Tim Chapman) & Closing Reflecting Activity
12:15 - 1 pmLunch & siestaLunch & siestaLunch & Return trip to Pamplona 
(departing at 12 pm) 
1 - 2 pm Lunch
2 - 3 pm Introduction & Opening Activity 
3:00 - 5:40 pm Hearts and Minds -  The Essence of a Restorative Lens (Janine Carroll)Modelling a Relational and Restorative Pedagogy (Belinda Hopkins) Measuring What Matters in Ways That Matter - Meaningful Evaluation  (Terence Bevington) 
6:00 - 7:00 pm Passport & 
One Game - One Learning Experience (Tim Chapman) 
Reflecting ActivityReflecting Activity 
8:00 - 9:00 pm DinnerDinnerDinner
Trainers' Retreat flyer


The registration includes accommodation, 3 meals a day, and the transfer between Pamplona and Roncesvalles (besides the costs of the workshop). Thanks to the generous support of the Government of Navarra, and our funding received from the Justice Programme of the European Commission, we can offer a significantly reduced price for EFRJ Registered Trainers. 

 Early bird (until 16 April) Full price (17 April - 16 June) 
EFRJ Registered trainers 
(Read more about the Register)
450 €550 €
Anyone650 €750 €

Important: trainers whose workshop is selected will receive 200€ discount of the applicable price.


Cancellation Policy 

If you cancel your participation before 30 April 2023 you get 70% refund of your subscription fee. If you need to cancel after 30 April 2023 your participation for a 'vis major' reason (including Covid-19 infection), and you can provide a proof of this, you may get a voucher for another EFRJ event in the future in the value of maximum 50% of your registration price. In other cases we cannot refund your registration fee. 
You may transfer your registration to another participant without any costs until 11 June 2023 (in case there are still available spots). 

Accommodation, Venue & Getting there


Participants will stay at Hotel Roncesvalles. In case the number of participants exceed 18, additional accommodation will be offered at the Albergo Roncesvalles (shared accommodation) for a slightly reduced price


The workshop will take place in the beautiful hall of the former pilgrim’s hospice building that originates from the 12th century. 


Local transport will be organised between Pamplona and Roncesvalles with a local service provider, the transport is included in the participation fee. Should you want to arrive or return via somewhere other than  Pamplona let us know in advance! 

Proposing a workshop
The call was closed on 2 April

The idea of the retreat is that trainers share and examine different approaches to the facilitation of restorative learning through demonstrations, and trying out proposed activities. We encourage trainers with relevant experience to register for the event with a workshop proposal. The event will be outstanding thanks to your contributions! 

The organisers will select a series of workshops that complement each other, and create a rich and stimulating learning experience together for all attendees.  The selection will be done by the representatives of the EFRJ Training Committee, Values & Standards Committee, and the Secretariat. 

In case you wish to propose a pre-designed workshop, please don’t register yet, but read the guidelines, and submit your proposal via the following form. 

Proposals should be submitted by 2 April 2023 (extended deadline). Proposers will be notified by 5 April and they will be requested to register after this date. In their proposal is selected, they will be able to register for a reduced price. If not, they will be able to register for the applicable price (see the table above). 

Workshops should demonstrate or explore a key principle that is important in restorative learning facilitation. They should focus on an important area of training delivery (tools, situations, challenges, etc). 

The workshops have to offer an active and participatory role for the participants. (In other words: we are looking for interactive activities rather than lecture-style presentations).

The workshops will be 3 or 3,5 hours long, including a break.