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WAAGE Hannover e.V.

The Waage e.V. is a non profit organisation that provides conflict consulting, mediation and Restorative Justice in different fields since 1992. In Germany Waage was the first institution that proved Victim Offender Mediation with adult offenders and their victims. The emphases of the work in consultation and mediation are i.e.:
– act of violence – victim offender mediation
– Conflicts in relationship / couples – Domestic Violence
– escalated conflicts between parents – conflicts between divorced couples about child matters and custody
– family conflicts
– conflicts between colleagues in workplaces
– group- and team conflicts
– intercultural conflicts
– conflicts according to civil law between contractual partners
– arbitration committee
– conflicts and escalation in the context of football play
At Waage e.V. different staff members are employed as mediators: 5 full-time staff members, 12 volunteers and 4 free lancers. Due to an intercultural team consultation can be provided in 12 different languages. Since 1992 staff members dealt with more than 12.000 cases. In addition to the mediation work, Waage e.V. provides also training for mediators. All staff members are involved in a national and international network. The European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) therefore is an important partner.
Contact: Frauke Petzold (Board Member of the EFRJ 2002-2008)

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DBH TOA-Servicebuero

By order of the Bundestag and the Federal Government, DBH TOA Servicebuero was established in 1992 as a supraregional center for the promotion of victim-offender compensation. It is an institution of the DBH e.V. - Association for Social Work, Criminal Law and Criminal Policy - and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection.

Header photo: Berlin by Claudio Schwarz