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The Probation Service is an agency within the Department of Justice and Equality. They play an important role in helping to reduce the level of crime and to increase public safety by working with offenders to help change their behaviour and make good the harm done by crime. They are the lead agency in the assessment and management of offenders in our community.

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Early Learning Initiative (ELI)

ELI provides parent and child learning support programmes in marginalised communities, helping families achieve their educational, career and life goals

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Restorative Justice Services

Restorative Justice Services was established in 1999 to work in partnership with the Probation Service, An Garda Síochána, victim advocate organisations and the community sector, to develop and provide restorative justice programmes. 

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Release is a registered charity organisation that supports ex-offenders to live transformed lives. It currently provides five different programmes, namely mentoring, group work in prison, supervised family visits, support after prison and matching with churches post-release.
Release relies mainly on 40 volunteers to deliver its services of which 15 completed on-line training in RJ/RP with an independent training provider. These volunteers will soon commence the rollout the PFI Sycamore Tree Program in Irish prisons.
Release seeks to carry out all aspects of its business in a restorative manner. Its mentoring programme matches mentors with serving prisoners and builds a support relationship that continues into the community post-release. 

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