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Avans Centre for Public Safety and Criminal Justice

The Centre of Expertise for Public Safety and Criminal Justice does research into public safety and is committed to helping resolve complex safety issues.

It comprises 5 research groups, each of which examines these issues from its own perspective, and approaches them from a legal, social/community care and/or administrative/organisational angle. We use the outcomes to enhance the resilience of citizens, professionals, organisations and society as a whole, and to improve training for professionals working in this field.

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Restorative Justice Nederland

The Restorative Justice Netherlands Foundation (RJN) is the innovation and knowledge centre for restorative justice and restorative work in the Netherlands.
They focus on criminal law and other areas where restorative work has added value.

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Stichting Halt

Halt is a Dutch organisation with a national network of offices which aims to prevent and combat juvenile crime.

The crime prevention activities of Halt consist of advisory services, educational programmes and the development and implementation of crime prevention projects. The activities are carried out at local and regional levels. 
Halt is also responsible for the enforcement of alternative punishment given to young people up to the age of 18.

Stichting Jongerenrechtbanken Nederland

Stichting Jongerenrechtbanken Nederland

The Stichting Jongerenrechtbanken Nederland is an initiative to actively involve young people in justice and justice in our society. The juvenile courts are organized under the responsibility of the Youth Court Foundation.

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