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EFRJ Jubilee Magazine

Happy 20th anniversary to the European Forum for Restorative Justice! Our editorial committee, led by the editor Heidi Jokinen, put together a special surprise for all of us: the Jubilee Magazine, celebrating the past, present, and future of the EFRJ and the restorative justice movement in Europe.

This publication is the result of many different hands, including some "old foxes of restorative justice" as well as the young generation of activists in the field, mostly from Europe but not only.

The Jubilee Magazine passes along intergenerational wisdom, nostalgic memories, intercultural experiences, thoughtful reflections, and wishful dreams, all united under the colourful umbrella that is the EFRJ. Enjoy reading! And enjoy the EFRJ party today 8 December at 16h CET on Zoom.

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