First Double Issue of the Restorative Justice Policy News

Restorative Justice Policy News - Volume 1 Issues 1-2 cover

We are launching a new publication

On the occasion of the Restorative Justice Week 2022, the EFRJ launches a new publication, the first (double) issue of the Restorative Justice Policy News. 

Promoting international information exchange is key to stimulate dialogue between practitioners, policy-makers and also researchers. With this in mind, the EFRJ Policy News aims at making accessible the latest national and international policy developments and relevant research findings in the field of restorative justice. By communicating on new developments at the national level, readers can benefit from a knowledge exchange and inspire policy in their home countries. The Policy News will closely follow the activity and contribution of the EFRJ at all policy levels. Moreover, it will also serve as an opportunity to promote the talks and contributions coming from our members engaged in policy related work, from national policy makers related to the European Restorative Justice Policy Network and other experts.

The first edition reviews the most significant policy developments from the recent times, and gives an insight into the policy areas the EFRJ is working with, and the goals it aims to achieve. 

Two editions are foreseen per year.

EFRJ Policy News / Autumn 2022

Volume 1 / Issues 1-2