Tim Chapman and Lucy Jaffé

Today (21 June 2023) the Annual General Meeting of the EFRJ was held in Pamplona. Members voted on the annual and financial reports of 2022, the minutes of last years general meetings, and attended an interactive session exploring the needs of different countries for the advancement of restorative justice. The reports were presented by Patrizia Patrizi, the Chair of the EFRJ’s Board, Edit Törzs, Executive Director and Rik Defrère, Financial Officer.

During the Annual General Meeting it was also announced that Tim Chapman resigned from his membership in the Board due to his especially high workload. The Board co-opted Lucy Jaffé as a new Board Member. Lucy will serve in this duty until the end of Tim’s original mandate (next summer) and then can candidate again during the Board elections in 2024.

It is with gratitude we say good-bye to Tim Chapman as Board Member. His leadership as a Chair of the EFRJ was influential for the community of the EFRJ and around it.

We are extremely delighted to greet Lucy Jaffé in the Board. Her work as the Director of the organisation Why me?  - Transforming lives through Restorative Justice is outstanding, we feel privileged to have such a great leader in our Board.

Thank you, Tim!

Welcome Lucy!

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