Three New Calls for EFRJ Members

update on the organisation
A woman with a megaphone - photo by Juliana Romão

We launched three calls activating the EFRJ membership in different ways: you can apply to host a future EFRJ event, to (re)join a committee or to (re)launch a working group! 

The deadline of application is 30 September for each call. 

« Photo by Juliana Romão (from Unsplash).

Call for Hosting EFRJ Events

With this call, we invite our members to propose a hosting city for the upcoming EFRJ Seminar (June 2023), the EFRJ Trainers' Retreat (July/August 2023), the EFRJ Conference (June 2024), and EFRJ Summer School (July 2025). Depending on your local capacities, you may host between 30 and 380 experts on restorative justice, coming from all over the globe! This is a great opportunity for the restorative justice movement to get to know your work and for strengthening your collaboration with the EFRJ. All proposals will be evaluated and negotiated with applicants in November, before the announcement in January 2023.

Application to (re)join an existing EFRJ Committee

Currently, the EFRJ counts on the active participation of about 40 members in 4 different Committees, dedicated to support the work of the EFRJ in its long-lasting objectives (Editorial Committee; Training Committee; Values and Standards Committee; Research Committee). If you wish to join one of the Committees, or if you wish to renew your commitment, please share with us your expression of interest! Applications will be reviewed and you will receive a response by end November.

Proposal to (re)launch a EFRJ Working Group

Working Groups are composed by members supporting the work of the EFRJ in its thematic initiatives in specific areas of application for restorative justice. If you have a specific topic in mind, you should first gather the interest of a 2 nd EFRJ member and then submit together a 400-500 words expression of interest (including the reasons for focusing on this topic, the main objectives of the WG and some potential activities you wish to work on in the next two years). If you are active in one of the WGs whose mandate came/ comes to an end (between June and December 2022), you have to follow the same procedure to re-launch the WG. (this applies for Restorative Cities; Violent Extremism; Restorative Schools; Restorative Environmental Justice; Gender-Based Violence).