Warning of Malicious Emails

Beware! Scam

The EFRJ never asks you for a wire transfer or sends you unknown attachments

Always check the sender of the email

Multiple malicious emails have been circulating in the name of the European Forum for Restorative Justice in the past months. These are sometimes sent from deceptive (but fake) e-mail addresses or in the name of the organisation or its representatives. 
Several of our members and partners have unfortunately received such fraudulent emails. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this, and we ask for extra vigilance when receiving emails (deceptively) sent on behalf of the EFRJ. 


We want to particularly highlight two types of such emails: 

  • An email asking for favour, and when the recipient responds positively the sender asks for a wire transfer. These emails appear to be sent by a representative of the organisation (e.g. Chair of the EFRJ's Board or Executive Director), however from a non official email address. Please always be suspicious with such emails. check the sender's email address and most of all do not transfer any money based on such requests. 
  • Another type of email seems to deliver a "secure message" or a "report" to the recipient on behalf of the EFRJ, and prompts to click on a link for access, or to download an attachment. It is also sent from a non official email address of the EFRJ. Never click on links in suspicious emails or download attachments that look strange to you. 

What can you do? 

  • Be careful with emails that are unusual. If you are unsure if it was really sent to you by the EFRJ you can always contact someone in our team and verify the authenticity of the email. You can find our contacts on this page
  • Always check the sender of such emails. The EFRJ only uses its official email addresses (ending with @euforumrj.org) for its communications, particularly if it is related to financial transactions. 
  • The EFRJ only sends emails that include a transfer request in case you signed up for an event, or for membership. These are always sent from our official email addresses. We never ask for transfer for unknown reasons. 
  • Do not click on suspicious links or download suspicious attachments. In some browsers you can check the url address behind a hyperlink by hoovering your mouse above it (without clicking on it). If the link is not pointing at an address related to our website (euforumrj.org) be cautious about opening the link.