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Photo exhibitions by prisoners and citizens in Sardinia

Paintings, poems and art workshops from Tempio Pausania Restorative City and Nuoro (Italy)

The Team delle Pratiche di Giustizia Riparativa of Sassari University coordinated the making of two virtual photo exhibitions exposed at the REstART Festival. One comes from Tempio Pausania Restorative City. It includes paintings, poems and short texts by the prisoners of Nuchis and high school students from Tempio Pausania narrating their restorative justice experience and their inner journey of transformation and new relationships. The second one comes from the social cooperative and voluntary association "Ut Unum Sint" in Nuoro. It includes photos from different art workshops done in the community, bringing together prisoners, their families, victims and students.

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We promote a relational, responsible and supportive culture based on the values ​​of restorative justice: to build together the well-being of people and communities!

Tempio Pausania Cittá Riparativa is an action research project initiated in 2013 with the aim see how restorative practices can be used to involve the whole community, such as schools, families, police, courts, municipalities, associations, to prevent and solve conflicts in a peaceful and relational way. The project originated from a social conflict within the community, because of the opening of the new high-security prison of Tempio Pausania - Nuchis in 2013. The final goal is to build a community based on social cohesion, as recommended by Europe 2020 and in the Agenda 2030, and to raise awareness and engagement towards restorative practices. Restorative conferences in prison create the opportunity to connect the worlds inside and outside the prison, to share emotions, and to stop looking at the prison and its inhabitants as an isolated island. 

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The Team delle Pratiche di Giustizia Riparativa (restorative justice practices team) of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Sassari, works for the well-being of people and communities, deals with relationships and conflicts that can arise and which require to recompose the fracture and cure the suffering produced by damage. The Team consists of EFRJ Board member Patrizia Patrizi, scientific manager; Gian Luigi Lepri, coordinator and facilitator of restorative conferences; Ernesto Lodi, coordinator of the research area and wellness process; Maria Luisa Scarpa, the referent for psychological counseling; Nicola Fresu, legal consultant; Doriana Chirico, the referent of the communication; Lucrezia Perrella, in training for restorative justice practices. Among others, the Team is part of the project of Tempio Pausania Restorative City.

Since few years, the Team cooperates with the social cooperative and voluntary association "Ut Unum Sint" in Nuoro, particularly with Don Pietro Borrotzu and Suor Annalisa Garofalo. This cooperative carries out several projects inspired by restorative justice in the maximum security prison of Badu 'e Carros, hosting families and inmates, and in the community to create bonds. Among other projects, in 2020 members of the cooperative started to sew the bags for the 11th EFRJ conference in Sassari, prepared other surprises for the conference days, and organised one of the field trips in Nuoro. This will be for June 2021 (Covid-permitting)!

The Team delle pratiche di Giustizia Riparativa of Sassari University is the co-organizer of the 11th international EFRJ conference in Sassari (postponed to June 2021 because of Covid-19). To honour the work done by our Italian members to prepare this event, we invited some of them and Tim Chapman (chair of the EFRJ) for a webinar on 26 June 2020. You can watch the registration of the webinar "Looking Forward to Sassari 2021" below.