EFRJ Press Release on REstART Festival

REstART Festival poster

The European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) launches a press release on REstART Festival. 

Excerpts from the press release: 

2020 marks the 20 anniversary of the European Forum for Restorative Justice. It was founded in small Belgian town, Leuven and today it is the largest network organisation in Europe promoting restorative justice. To celebrate its birthday the organisation created REstART, an online art festival that is first of its kind, bringing together high-quality art works that explore restorative justice and their creators.

REstART gathers the most remarkable art works from the recent years exploring restorative justice: it will showcase award winning movies and documentaries on restorative justice and serious harm, a stage production with formerly incarcerated performers from the US, a book presentation questioning the rituals of the traditional justice systems, a comic strips workshop, photo exhibitions, and a piano concert. Participants can join the live online meetings with the artists, activists and practitioners involved in the productions. The contributors of the festival comes from ten different countries, and three different continents. Due to the pandemic the entire programme will take place online. Participation is free of charge, the organisers welcome donations that support the event.

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REstART Festival Press Release

The EFRJ's Press Release on REstART Festival
20 November 2020