Actress Mary Murray from the play "Stronger"

Reading of the play "Stronger"

Reading of an extract from Geoff Power’s new play (Ireland)

Saturday 5 December 2020 18h-19.30h CET >>> Watch the recordings of the REstARTISTS Common Discussion, with 5 artists including Geoff Power (Zoom)

This video below, made available during the REstART week,  features a thirty minute reading of an extract from Geoff Power’s potent new play Stronger.

Based on true events, Stronger tells the gripping story of Jan, a teacher raped by her student.  As she journeys through the legal system her life is in danger of falling apart but, through restorative justice, Jan finds the strength to meet with her attacker and a process of healing begins.

The play reading is followed by a webinar, moderated by the EFRJ chair Tim Chapman, featuring panelists from the worlds of Irish politics and criminal justice along with writer, Geoff Power.  Watch the full video to hear their dynamic and revelatory discussion on the merits of the work and how it shines a light on the importance of restorative justice.

This reading and webinar took place at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin on October 7th as part of Dublin Theatre Festival 2020.  The play will premiere at Dublin Theatre Festival in Autumn 2021.

Logo of Guna Nua

This event is produced by award-winning Irish theatre company Gúna Nua.  Gúna Nua has produced over 25 plays and received more than 20 awards and nominations for its work. It has toured work both nationally and internationally.  Much of its work has a strong community engagement element, having worked in collaboration with several charities and a state agency.  It’s recent production of Stronger has been produced with support from Ireland’s Probation Service.

If you have enjoyed what you have seen please consider making a donation to Gúna Nua.  It is constantly raising funds for its work not least in these particularly challenging times when live performances are so much reduced.    

Twitter: @GunaNuaTheatre /// Instagram: gunanuatheatre /// Facebook: Gúna Nua

“Superbly illuminating drama about love in our times.”  
The Irish Independent (The Morning After the Life Before by Ann Blake)

“Some plays tug at your heartstrings, some, very occasionally touch your soul” 
The Irish Times (Bread Not Profits by Mike Finn)


Geoff Power - Writer

A playwright, documentary producer, print journalist and sports reporter, creativity has always been at the heart of Geoff Power’s work.

Based in Dublin, Geoff also works in Portlaoise prison, one of Ireland’s maximum security prisons as a creative writing teacher.  This work has helped to steer Geoff’s documentary work with Midas Productions, as well as to inspire the writing of Stronger for Gúna Nua’s production in the Dublin Theatre Festival and featured here in the REstART Festival.

Across a range of creative mediums including film, tv, theatre and literature, Geoff’s skills as a creator and producer reveal consistent themes of social justice and inequality often expressed through the voices of the marginalised in society.  His second full-length play, Stronger continues this creative journey, making theatre a powerful platform for the examination of restorative justice. 

Photo credits: Paul Gaster