reimagining justice

Reimagining Justice

The virtual art show by the National Center on Restorative Justice at Vermont Law School (USA) included a virtual talk with the winners of this art contest on 5 December 2020 via Zoom. 

In the past months, the National Center on Restorative Justice at Vermont Law School hosted a restorative justice art contest, now presented in “Reimagining Justice,” a virtual restorative justice art show! The artists featured in this collection were asked to consider this question: How can we use the power of images to communicate the concept of restorative justice and the greater philosophical shift at work to a wider audience? The National Center received 23 submissions from around the world.

Between 18-22 November 2020, in celebration of International Restorative Justice Week, visitors could vote for the Viewer’s Choice Awards. More than 900 visitors voted for their favorite images! The Art Show is available to view during the REstART Festival: we are amazed by the creativity and insight of the artists and hope that you enjoy exploring their work!  Click on the Prezi presentation below to watch it or visit the VLS website for an interactive gallery of the images! 

On Saturday 5 December we met the 3 winners on Zoom. The event, moderated by Lindsey Pointer, has been video-recorded: scroll down to watch it.

  • First Place: "The Goddess of Time" by Bourama Diarra, Giulia Villa, and Alessia Carboni
  • Second Place: "Restorative Future Now" by Skinner Middle School's Restorative Justice League: Luciano Apodaca (8th grade), Deado Canales (8th grade), Ryan Gonzales (8th grade), Chris Pettis (8th grade), Mathias Quezada-Montoya (8th grade), Peter Ventresca (Restorative Practice Coordinator), and Allison Horton (Restorative Practice Coordinator)
  • And in a tie for Third Place: "An African Restorative Justice Lady"  by Don John Omale and "Justice Lane" by Hope Hamerslough
Lady Justice Joins the Circle

What would a restorative Lady Justice look like?

Promo image reimagining justice

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