Here we wish to introduce you to the contributions on REPAIR!

The REstART Festival will start on 31/11 with the launch of all artworks (including the films) online: in this way, you will be able to enjoy the artworks and prepare to the virtual talks with the artists. Among others, we will launch the pre-recorded video presentation by Gemma Varona  and her mother (Spain) on bookbinding as a metaphor for restorative justice. Two more pre-recorded presentations are proposed by Marian Liebmann (UK), who will also deliver a workshop on  the use of comic strips for storytelling: this will be for a limited group of participants on 3/12 morning. Gemma and Marian will also be available for an informal talk on 1/12 morning. Also the video on the wounds of the land of Sardinia (Italy) and its inhabitants will be launched on the first day of REstART. On 2/12, the pre-recorded piano concert on the links between Beethoven and restorative justice (Italy) will be proposed followed by a talk with the artists. On 3/12 we will talk with the protagonists of the film “The Worst Thing - To Germany, With Love” (USA – Germany), where a woman  travels to Germany to engage in dialogue with former members of the Red Army Faction, a violent leftist group responsible for her brother’s murder. On 4/12 we will meet with the artist behing a series of art projects on restorative environmental justice (Belgium), including "The voice of nature  The trial".