Poster of the EFRJ Winter Academy 2023

Join the EFRJ Winter Academy!

30 January - 3 February 2023, Leuven

The Winter Academy creates a new international learning opportunity for those interested in restorative justice and its high-quality applications in different contexts. It includes three parallel practice-oriented courses led by experienced trainers on the following topics: 

  • A) Sensitive & Complex Cases in Restorative Justice: Domestic Abuse
    trainers: Tim Chapman (UK, Northern Ireland) and Anna Halonen (Finland) 
  • B) Victims' Needs and Restorative Justice: Good Practices and Safeguards
    trainers: Peter Crory (UK, Northern Ireland) 
  • C) Restorative Approaches for Young People: In Education and Institutions 
    trainers: Dr Belinda Hopkins (UK) and Hanne De Hertog (Belgium) 

Registration deadline: 24 January 2024. 

Why restorative justice matters?

"Restorative justice matters because respect for human dignity matters, solidarity within diverse societies matter, justice matters and truth matters." - Watch Tim Chapman (Chair of our Board) outlining the significance of restorative justice for our societies today in the first part of our short video series. 

Restorative Justice is an approach of addressing harm or the risk of harm through engaging all those affected in coming to a common understanding and agreement on how the harm or wrongdoing can be repaired and justice achieved.
The European Forum for Restorative Justice aims to help establish and develop victim-offender mediation and other restorative justice practices. Every person in Europe should have the right of access to restorative justice services, at any time and in any case.
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