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Join us in Tallinn!

28 May 2024: Pre-conference training, AGM, & European Restorative Justice Award ceremony
29-31 May 202: 12th International Conference, Tallinn, Estonia

Shining a light on our blind spots: Integrating a consciousness of bias and systemic power and privilege into restorative justice, 8:30 am - 5 pm, 28 May 2024, Tallinn, Estonia. 

The Annual General Meeting of the EFRJ will atke place on 28 May 2024 in Tallinn Estonia. Register if you wish to attend. 

The 12th international EFRJ conference "Just Times: Restorative Justice Responses in Dark Times" will take place in Tallinn (Estonia) on 29-31 May 2024. Registrations open in January!

Following the positive experiences of the last CJPE Summer Course, the 2024 edition continues to address a subject closely related to mental health, focusing on resilience in criminal justice settings.

Why restorative justice matters?

"Restorative justice matters because respect for human dignity matters, solidarity within diverse societies matter, justice matters and truth matters." - Watch Tim Chapman (former Chair of the EFRJ Board) outlining the significance of restorative justice for our societies today in the first part of our short video series. 

Restorative Justice is an approach of addressing harm or the risk of harm through engaging all those affected in coming to a common understanding and agreement on how the harm or wrongdoing can be repaired and justice achieved.
The European Forum for Restorative Justice aims to help establish and develop victim-offender mediation and other restorative justice practices. Every person in Europe should have the right of access to restorative justice services, at any time and in any case.
Want to learn more? Follow these links.

Get prepared for Tallinn! Get to know the background of a few key people from Estonia working on the organisation of the 12th International Conference of the EFRJ. 

Get ready for Tallinn! Learn more about the role of a restorative justice organisation during a war: the Ukrainian Institute for Peace and Common Ground and its Head of the Board, Alona Horova.

Kim Magiera explains in her foreword how the discussion started on restorative justice and punishment started and why the EFRJ is launching this special issue of its Newsletter. 

update on the organisation

After the successful migration, our website is fully functional again. Now you can register again for our upcoming conference in Tallinn, or respond to our open calls. 


We are sad to share the news about the passing of our beloved colleague, Kris Vanspauwen. 


Why did the EFRJ, its members and other stakeholders give feedback and what are our aims?