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Albanian Foundation for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation of Disputes (FZKPM)

The mission of  FZKPM is to provide assistance for the democratization of Albanian society by resolving conflicts and disagreements between individuals or social groups.
The main objectives are: to consolidate restorative justice and the alternative of mediation and promoting a culture of peace, tolerance and understanding.

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National Chamber of Mediation (NCM)

In compliance with the requirements of the mediation law, the Albanian National Chamber of Mediators (NCM) was established as a public legal entity on July 7, 2013, with the support of the Albanian Ministry of Justice and USAID

The Chamber operates independently of the state, with the mission to support the profession of mediators as well as the functioning and  strengthening of the mediation process as an effective extrajudicial alternative for solving disputes in less time and cost based on the free will of the parties.
The Chamber has now established the legal framework on the basis of which it operates, as does its membership. In addition to the Statute, this includes, among others, the Mediators’ Code of Ethics and the Manual of Mediation Service Fees and Tariffs. 

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