The EFRJ membership will elect two new Board members  on 24 June 2020 during the Annual General Meeting. The elections take place as the terms of two board members have come to an end (Aarne Kinnunen from Finland, working at Department of Criminal Policy, Helsinki, appointed in Belfast 2014 for his second mandate and Roberto Moreno from Spain, who worked as the Head of Adults Justice Service at the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice of the Basque Government and now works for the Basque Ombudsman Office, he was also appointed in Belfast 2014).

Full members of the EFRJ are invited to help shaping the future of the organisation by voting on the board candidates. The voting will take place between 17 - 24 June 2020. Full members will receive instructions for the online voting via email (from the email address: by 17 June 2020. If you haven't received the email invitation to vote by then, check your Spam box. In case you still do not find it, please contact our Communication Officer.

New Board members, according to the adapted rules will be elected for a 4 years term. Six candidates submitted their material to the Selection Committee (chaired by Peter Keeley, Ireland) along with the supporting words of their proposers and seconders. The Committee has approved their nominations.  

You may access the candidates' materials below, including their video messages for the elections, their written  presentations,  and their Proposers' and Seconders' statements.  Every EFRJ full member has two votes, this means you may vote for two candidates.  Please review the candidates' materials and select two of them through the online election system, who - according to you - will serve the interest of the organisation in the best way.  According to the adapted rules, the vote of organisational members count three times. Organisations do not need to take any additional action, the weight of their votes is automatically added by the online election system. 

Unlike the previous years, the voting does not happen in person, as the Annual General Meeting (AGM, 6 pm 24 June 2020) also takes place online. This enables every full member to participate in the voting (even if you are unable to attend the AGM). You may also vote already before the AGM starts. The voting will close during the AGM and results will be announced consequently (shortly after the closure of the voting, during the meeting). You may only vote once. After you have voted the system will not allow you to change your vote or add a new vote. 

Voting period: 17 June 2020 (9:30 am CEST) - 24 June (7 pm CEST)

With your vote you will influence the future of the EFRJ!