In recent years, Lies Kortleven (De Rode Antraceit) and Bart Schoovaerts (Vormingplus) have been working very hard in Leuven prisons on restorative detention. They started social and artistic projects together with prisoners, victims and other citizens.

All these projects are possible thanks to the collaboration between the two Leuven prisons (Hulpgevangenis Leuven and Leuven Centraal) and three non profit organisations in Flanders (Vormingplus Oost-Brabant, CAW Oost-Brabant and De Rode Antraciet vzw), members also of Leuven Restorative City.

For the REstART Festival, they present an overview of the projects of the past years: see below (the password is shared with registered participants only). Questions about their work? Contact directly Lies and Bart!

Among others, they brought together free citizens and detainees to meet each other, they delivered digital storytelling workshops, and they made a theater performance with detainees and victims. 

inclusie utopia tentoonstelling

De Rode Antraciet vzw is a non-profit organization aiming at implementing sports and cultural activities within the prison sector in Flanders and Brussels, as participation in sports and culture is a right for all. De Rode Antraciet is a partner organization within the ‘Flemish Strategic Plan for prisoners’ of the Flemish government and has a management agreement with the ministers of Culture, Sport and Wellbeing.

Vormingplus Oost-Brabant is a non-profit organization working for the inhabitants of the 30 municipalities of the district of Leuven. It organises educational activities in leisure time around a variety of themes for all "East Brabanters",  young or old, low or high educated, city people or villagers. Activities include courses, lectures, workshops, excursions and much more, sometimes organised in cooperation with other organizations. 

CAW Oost-Brabant (or Centrum voor Algemeen Welzijnswerk Oost-Brabant) contributes to a diversified offer of help and services to those persons whose welfare opportunities are threatened or reduced as a result of personal, family or social factors. The organisation supports and facilitates participation, personal development, well-being and preparation for reintegration into society of prisoners. In addition, individual counsellors work in each prison.

Hulpgevangenis Leuven is mainly a detention centre. A significant proportion of the detainees are accused, i.e. people who have been temporarily detained by the examining magistrate but have not yet been convicted.  In addition to them, there is a permanent group of convicts, mostly people from the region who are serving their sentences.

Leuven Centraal is mainly a penal institution for inmates sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. A wide range of cultural, sports and educational activities is provided for this public. Contrary to Hulpgevangenis Leuven, they operate a (limited) open-door regime.

Watch the introductory film by De Rode Antraciet vzw.