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Centrum Algemeen Welzijnswerk (CAW) Antwerpen and Noord-West-Vlaanderen

The CAW helps people with all their questions and problems related to well-being. A difficult relationship. Personal difficulties. Financial, administrative, legal or material problems. Problems in the family or wider social environment. They also offer assistance to victims and perpetrators of violence, abuse and those involved in road accidents and crimes.



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Le Radian

Le Radian has four main activities that seek to rewrite the relation that is harmed when a minor commits an “act of delinquency”: mediationRestorative Group Consultation, the educational public benefit service and the awareness module addressing the consequences of the performed acts and their impact on the victims.
These four activities give young offenders the opportunity to take responsibility and repair the harm done by their actions.
Two of these actions (mediation and Restorative Group Consultation) are also addressing victims. Mediation and Restorative Group Consultation give the victim the opportunity to be heard and recognised and to achieve relational and/or material reparation.
These missions are entrusted by youth judges or prosecutors.
The Radian is a service approved and subsidised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.  You can contact them by mail. 

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Alba works on the basis of situations where young people or young adults have fallen into a breach of trust or conflict, with themselves, with their environment or with the social norm. They pay attention to all involved (young people, parents, victims, support figures and the broader context). Alba is situated at the crossroads of youth assistance, justice and education.

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Mediation service. 

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Bureau Alternatieve Afhandeling Brugge (BAAB) De Patio


The Patio is a non-profit association (vzw) of 10 small-scale services within the special youth aid in the North-West Flanders region. These departments are recognized by the Youth Welfare Agency of the Flemish Ministry of Welfare, Public Health and Family. The association was established on 17/11/2009. 


Centre GACEP

The service provides, under judicial mandate, various missions in the field of juvenile justice:
- setting up and accompanying educational and general interest services
- the organization of mediations and restorative group consultations (CRG)
- the organization of trainings in the management of emotions and aggression


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Parcours vzw

(old HCA Oost-Vlaanderen)

vzw Parcours has the task of offering assistance and services to juvenile offenders and all members involved (young people, parents, victims and the social context in which they find themselves) and they strive to restore the situation.


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