What are the EFRJ Committees and Working Groups?

Committees are groups of members appointed for a longstanding activity of the EFRJ, such as the Editorial Committee, the Training Committee, the Values and Standards Committee and the Research Committee.

Working Groups are members who gather together for a specific task in a limited timeframe and on specific themes relevant for the field, as identified by some of our members (e.g. Restorative Cities, Violent Extremism Restorative Schools, Environmental Restorative Justice, and Gender-Based Violence).

Depending on the Committee/ Working Group, the number of members varies (5-12 members) and they are appointed for a 2 years term (renewable). Individual members can be involved in maximum 2 Committees/ Working Groups; organisational members can delegate different persons without limits. The Chair of a Committee/Working Group is chosen among and by its members.

We need you!

We currently open applications to participate in the following two groups:

  • Editorial Committee: this is the oldest Committee of the EFRJ, responsible for publishing the regular Newsletter. It calls for 2 new members to join the team! Read more about the Editorial Committee here.
  • Working Group on Institutions: based on the request by several of our members, this group will be launched in 2021. We search for 6-10 members interested to join this team. More information on this new working group here.

To apply you will need:

  • To be a member of the EFRJ, either as an individual or as an organisation. Not yet a member? You can apply for membership now: the official approval of your membership will occur at the next Annual General Meeting (16 June 2021) but you can already now benefit of all advantages of being a EFRJ member, including applying for this call.
  • To fill the webform below including your motivation and short biography before 1 May 2021.

Members will be selected based on their experience, profession, motivation to participate, and country representation.

First Name(s)
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What are you applying for?
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If you are applying for more than one group, please focus on your preferred one. 
100 words to list your experience, expertise, skills and knowledge relevant and applicable for the WG or Committee you apply for. Please specify what skills can be shared with the group (e.g. organisational, leadership, writing, research, training, etc.).
100 words to express your interest, motivation for involvement and potential contribution to the WG or Committee you apply for.
I understand, that the information I provide on this form will be collected and held securely by the Secretariat of the European Forum for Restorative Justice.  Concerning the processing of personal details, I have the right to consult, amend or withdraw this information at any time.
In order to do so, please contact the Secretariat of the European Forum for Restorative Justice.
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