The European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) is one of the partners of the Erasmus+ project “PROTECT - Exchanging good practices on restorative justice and promoting the victims’ rights protection” (September 2020 – August 2023).

The project aims at improving the skills and competences of the trainers/operators of the partners’ organizations working in the field of the restorative justice and of the support to the victims of crime.

Among other activities, the project partners will organize a 60-hours training programme (divided in 3 separate 4-day training) in Portugal, Italy and Spain, bringing together a maximum of 35 participants including victim support workers, victim-offender mediators, social workers, probation officers, family mediators, community conflict managers, trainers, all selected by the project partners.

Call for participants

The EFRJ is currently recruiting 6 participants for this full immersion training programme. Among the 6 participants, 4 are selected within the EFRJ membership and 2 within the EFRJ Secretariat.

All participants will attend the following trainings (20 hours each):

Lisbon (PT)
14-18 March 2022
Victims’ rights and needs

Viterbo (IT)
26-30 September 2022
Victims support and restorative justice

Barcelona (ES)
13-17 March 2023 (date TBC)
Victims of hate crime


The draft contents of each training will be finalised by 1 June 2021. Please note that the weeks proposed above may be subject to change and only 4 days within the week will be dedicated to the training programme (i.e. either Mon-Thu, or Tue-Fri). The 4 days will probably be divided as such:

Day 1

Morning: travel
Afternoon: 4h training

Day 2

All day: 6h training

Day 3

All day: 6h study visit

Day 4

Morning: 4h training
Afternoon: travel

In addition to the commitment to participate in the 3 training programmes, all the participants selected on behalf of the EFRJ will contribute to the following activities (to be divided among the 6 selected participants, according to personal interests and skills):

  • Organise and facilitate a 3-hour training within the programme in Lisbon. In practice, the 6 participants may work in pairs to propose a 1-hour training including frontal presentations, or case studies, or interactive exercises; exact contents and format will be agreed with the EFRJ project coordinator based on the participants’ experiences and skills and in a cooperative manner.
  • Facilitate a 2.5 hour session in each training programme to encourage participants to share knowledge on the following topics: 1. Victims needs assessment, 2. Restorative justice and victims, 3. Training of (restorative) justice professionals. In practice, the 6 participants will work in pairs to facilitate one of these sessions in each of the 3 trainings.
  • Deliver a 2000 words paper within a two weeks after each training including practical guidelines on the following topics discussed in the 2-hour session with participants (see above): 1. Key-questions for assessing victims’ needs, 2. Key-guiding principles for protecting victims engaging in restorative justice, 3.  Key-methods for training operators working (restoratively) with victims. In practice, the pairs that facilitated one of these sessions in each of the 3 trainings (see above) will write this paper.


  • Being an individual or organizational member of the EFRJ based in one of the Erasmus+ eligible countries (contact us if you have doubts about your membership status!);
  • Having a good level of English;
  • Being motivated to attend the whole training programme (12 days over 1,5 year);
  • Ability to travel to the 3 training venues (Lisbon, Rome, Barcelona);
  • Working/ studying in the field of victims support, restorative justice, or relevant areas;
  • Interest in criminal justice issues and/or in conflict management;
  • Willingness to sign an agreement with the EFRJ for your engagement in PROTECT.


  • Travel costs (from an eligible country) are covered by the Erasmus+ grant (up to 275 EUR per training);
  • Accommodation and DSA are covered for all trainings (up to 106 EUR per day);
  • Certificate of participation;
  • Cross-border experience with an international group of professionals;
  • Inspiring and dynamic training environments.

Application procedure

Please send your application electronically to Emanuela Biffi, PROTECT project manager on behalf of the EFRJ, at by 30 June 2021 (subject line: PROTECT application - surname name – country). The selection procedure will be finalised by 15 September the latest.

Your application (in English) must include:

Please save both your files with [PROTECT - surname name – country – template or CV].

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted and invited for the training programme.