Street in Sassari: photo by Nicolas Vollmer on Flickr

Call for proposals - 2021

The 11th international conference "Justice beyond borders" of the European Forum for Restorative Justice is scheduled on 24-26 June 2021 in Sassari (Sardinia, Italy). The event was originally scheduled in 2020, postponed because of the covid-19 pandemic.

In Autumn 2020, we launch a new call for abstracts for participants to contribute to the conference programme. You can to re-submit the contribution you had proposed for the conference in June 2020, or propose new ideas, fitting also the current situation we are living in.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that the 11th conference will actually take place as foreseen in Sassari. We may need to revise the programme and social moments according to the sanitary measures in 2021, or we may even be obliged to postpone the full event to 2022. In this last case, we may be creative at the EFRJ and propose alternative events in 2021 (online or locally organised), and still come back to some of the authors to take part in the programmes of other innovative initiatives to bring our community together!

For this reason, we launched a survey concerning Sassari 2021 or alternative plans: your opinion matters to us! Please respond by 9 November 2020.

Poster of the EFRJ conference in Sassari

The EFRJ is a platform for bringing people together, and its conferences are the best occasion to show the variety of expertise that the restorative justice movement includes, involving practitioners, researchers, academics, legal professionals, social workers, artists, policy makers and activists. The main themes of the 11th EFRJ conference "Justice beyond borders" will orientate the reflections and discussions of the parallel interactive sessions, but please feel free to propose your own theme: the EFRJ is the place to be creative, innovative and experimental!

We encourage participants to contribute by choosing one of the following types of formats to actively participate in the programme of the conference. Please note that the Scientific Committee may re-contact you to revise the format and/or timing, if needed.

  • Panel discussion – 80 minutes (This session includes 2-3 presentations and 30 minutes discussion: contact other presenters and submit a joined abstract)
  • Training session – 80 minutes (This session includes practical exercises to learn specific practices or experience specific situations)
  • Dialogue session – 40 minutes (This session includes a short introduction on the topic; the presenter will then facilitate an open conversation with the audience)
  • Movie/documentary – 80 minutes (This session includes a film screening followed by a discussion)
  • Paper presentation – 25 minutes (This session includes 1 presentation, maximum with 2 presenters, and 10 minutes discussion)
  • Testimonies – 25 minutes (This session is about personal experiences of restorative justice)
  • Poster presentation – printed A2 posters are shown in the main hall

    Proposals must be submitted using the form below by 23 November 2020, accompanied by:

    • Title of the presentation/workshop
    • Type of contribution: panel, training, dialogue, movie/documentary, paper, testimonial, poster
    • Abstract of the paper presentation or detailed description of the session (2500 characters)
    • Biography of the presenter(s) (500 characters)
    • Keywords that describe your presentation/workshop

    We advise you to save your abstract in a Word document and copy paste your responses in the webform below, in case your submission fails due the Captcha error (spam filter).

    In response to your FAQs...

    • Can I submit the proposal in a language other than English? No, all abstracts must be submitted in English, the official language of the conference, as they will be evaluated by an international Scientific Committee. 
    • What if my proposal has more co-authors? If two or more presenters submit the same proposal, please make sure all emails and biographies are mentioned in the webform above.
    • When will I know if my proposal has been accepted? Applicants will be informed about the acceptance of their proposal about 6 weeks after the deadline (January 2021).
    • Should I pay a fee to participate in the conference? All presenters must be registered at the conference. The registration fee differs only for members or not-members of the EFRJ. 
    • What happens if Sassari 2021 will not take place because of covid-19?  A final decision will be taken by January 2021 the latest. If the conference 2021 will be postponed to 2022, the EFRJ will propose alternative (online or local) events for 2021. In this case we may re-contact some authors for contributing to a different type of programme in 2021. 
    • More questions? Contact Emanuela Biffi at

    We advise you to save your abstract in a Word document and copy paste your responses in the webform below, in case your submission fails due the Captcha error (spam filter).

    Please write n.a. (not applicable) if you prefer not to share this information.
    Please include here your co-author(s) emails: click on "more items" to include more than 5 co-authors' emails. Their biographies must be included below, in the section reserved to your contribution.
    Please fill in the form with all information relevant for your contribution in the conference programme. The format may be subject to change depending on the type of event we will finally organise with covid-19 measures in 2021.
    Chose your preferred format and timing. Please note that depending on the proposal and final programme, the scientific committee may re-contact you for proposing a different format or timing. 
    Focus of your contribution
    If you consider that your contribution meets more than one category, you should count it under the most relevant one.
    Please describe in 2500 characters your proposal, making sure it fits the main contents of the event. 
    Please separate the keywords by a comma. E.g. environmental justice, Italy, youth movement, court.
    Please include your biography in 500 characters. 
    Co-authors biography
    more items
    Please include the biographies of your co-authors (500 characters) by clicking on "more items" (up to 5 co-authors).
    Depending on the covid-19 sanitary crisis, the EFRJ may need to postpone its international conference to 2022 and organise alternative events in 2021 (online or local events). In this case, we may wish to re-contact you to organise other events' programmes for 2021. This does not exclude your re-submission of the same proposal for Sassari 2022.
    I understand, that the information I provide on this form will be collected and held securely by the Secretariat of the European Forum for Restorative Justice.  Concerning the processing of personal details, I have the right to consult, amend or withdraw this information at any time. In order to do so, please contact the Secretariat of the European Forum for Restorative Justice.

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