Family Justice Centers in Europe

(EFJCA, 2018, 17 minutes)

This film was launched at the conference of the European Family Justice Centers Alliance in Paris, 14-16 November 2018.
Watch it here.

Justice restauratrice & mineurs d’âge: l’expérience belge

(Arpège, 2018, 11 minutes)

This video was made within the framework of the EU funded project “AWAY”, coordinated by DCI Belgium, on promoting RJ for children in conflict with the law in Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia.
Watch it here.

Black Christmas

Mark Kaplan, 2016.

The documentary shows the journey of some survivors and one of the extremists of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) who planted the bombs in a shopping centre in Worcester, South Africa, on Christmas Eve in 1996.

Restorative Aperitive

(Produced by students for the University of Sassari, Italy, 2016, 11 minutes)

Original title: Aperitivo Ristorativo
This short film was produced in occasion of the RJ WEEK 2015, when the University of Sassari and the local community of Tempio Pausania organised a Restorative Conference in Prison and a Restorative Aperitif in a local bar of the town.
Read more and watch the film here.

If I see you I greet you

(Produced by Julia Roeselers and Viewpoint Productions, 2015, 55 minutes)

Original title: Als ik je zie dan groet ik je
The film documents a local restorative justice movement affecting a whole community, with a special focus on the youngsters involved in the restorative process.

Medling Vid Brott

(Produced by Eleonore Lind, 2014, 147 minutes)

A film to train and discuss about mediation (in Swedish only).

The Amy Wall Story

(Produced by the Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies, Fresno Pacific University, 2009)

The story of a victim-offender reconciliation programme after a car accident caused the death of a 17 years old girl.


(Directed by Mara Alper, 2006, 28 minutes).

Four stories on forgiveness as a healing strategy told by a prisoner, a recovering alcoholic, a grieving mother and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Meeting with a Killer– One Family’s Journey

(Directed by Lisa F. Jackson, 2001)

This film documents the journey of a family who prepares to meet the man who murdered their daughter.


(Series by Oprah Winfree Network)

Short documentaries on victim-offender mediation often in very serious crimes.
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'I met man who abused me as a child'

BBC News

Laura Coel was groomed and sexually assaulted by her former stepfather between the ages of four and 14. Now a mum of two, she chose to meet and forgive her abuser in a restorative justice programme. In an exclusive interview with the Victoria Derbyshire programme, she explained why she wanted to meet her stepfather face-to-face to explain the impact the abuse had on her life. She has waived her right to anonymity.
Watch it here.

Accepting I'm A Murderer

ITV Jacob Dunne Interview | This Morning

Jacob Dunne, who killed 28-year-old paramedic James Hodgkinson with a single punch on a night out in 2011, explains how restorative justice helped both him and James' parents to try and get through the tragedy.
Watch it here. 

Colorado high school replaces punishment with 'talking circles'

PBS NewsHours

At Hinkley High School in Aurora, Colorado, students, parents and administration are meeting face-to-face to resolve student conflict with conversation. The number of physical altercations has taken a nosedive as this new type of disciplinary action, called "restorative justice," replaces suspension. Hari Sreenivasan has the story.
Watch it here.