Inspirational children books

Inspirational Children’s Books on Restorative Justice

“Meet the authors” online event, 21 November 17-18h CET

Sunday 20 November is the World Children's Day, as well as the first day of the International Restorative Justice Week (running from 20-26 November). In 2022, the main message and theme of the Children's Day is “Inclusion, for every child”.

To celebrate this day, the EFRJ invites two creative minds to present their creative efforts to explain restorative justice to children, as well as to all those adults surrounding them: Lindsey Pointer (USA) with her picture book “Wally & Freya” (2022) and Roberta Cifariello (Italy/ Germany) with the teenagers’ diary “Stop Fighting” (2021).

You can meet the authors on Zoom on Monday 21 November at 5 -6 pm CET.




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Why this webinar?

In many jurisdictions, justice systems are failing to protect children, to respond to their needs and to defend their rights. Still, in the recent years many innovative and creative practices have been developed to encourage children to voice their needs and be aware of their rights, within and beyond the justice system.

Also the restorative justice community proposes new practices. Some practitioners are dedicated to promoting restorative-oriented school systems, encouraging the whole school community (e.g. teachers, administrative staff, parents, students) to adopt restorative-minded actions and initiatives. Others propose creative ways to encourage children involved in the justice system (i.e. those responsible for the harm and victims) to tell their stories and find ways to move forward, for example by using toys and images in their restorative justice processes. Others, again, proposed instruments to stimulate reflections and discussion with children about conflict and violence,  in their family, school, community or other settings.

Among others, in the past years, we gave visibility to the restorative justice practices of “Working with images” (by victim-offender mediators Bie Vanseveren and Lynn Gastmans, Belgium), the board game for children and adults "Journey to discover the other" (by artist, Jesuit priest and RJ facilitator Guido Bertagna, Italy), and the fairy tales for children "Three stories about Fairy G." (by Prof. Grazia Mannozzi, director of CeSGReM at University of Insubria, Italy).

With this webinar, we wish to know more about the books “Wally & Freya” (Lindsey Pointer, USA) and “Stop Fighting” (Roberta Cifariello, Italy/ Germany). Both books can serve as auxiliary materials for mediators, youth workers, teachers, parents, counsellors, legal professionals, and any one working with children and/or families. They are also useful for the many children who experience bullying and/or their parents’ separation.

Lindsey Pointer with her book "Wally and Freya"

“Wally & Freya”

Lindsey Pointer, USA

This picture book (age 4-8) introduces a character named Wally, who the other children think of as a bully. Through the story, readers get to know the characters and understand why Wally acts as he does. Readers learn about empathy and the power of kindness and inclusion. This is the first in a new series on restorative justice picture books for kids from Good Books, the publisher of the Little Books series.

Lindsey Pointer is an assistant professor at Vermont Law School (USA) and principal investigator of the National Center on Restorative Justice. For this book, she worked together with Stella Mongodi, an Italian illustrator living in Edinburgh.

Roberta Cifariello

“Stop Fighting”

Roberta Cifariello, Italy/ Germany

This illustration book (age 8-14) present a child's perspective on her parents’ breakup. The girl, Elena, writes in a diary how she experiences the separation of her parents and how she feels about it. This includes also the moment she sees her parents in court, as well as the moment when all family is invited for a restorative justice meeting. The book is available in German and Italian.

Roberta Cifariello is an international family mediator and child lawyer, working at the Waage Institute in Hannover (Germany). For this book, she relied on the drawing of Elisabetta Barletta, an Italian comicbook artist and illustrator.

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