#RWeek 2020

Events organised in Europe

Zoom in, click on the map's pins and browse the diverse range of events that happened all around Europe to celebrate the significance of restorative justice. In that special year most of the events happened in the online space, so you could have a good chance to attend an event happening on any of these locations - even from the other side of the Globe! 

Restorative Justice Week 2020

15 - 22 November 2020

The international Restorative Justice Week provides a unique opportunity every year to focus public attention  on restorative justice, to the benefits it can create for the society, and to bring together communities globally and locally that are committed to address injustices and harm in a humane way. 

Special focus for 2020

This year we highlight: 

  • The significance of non-punitive justice responses to the harms caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and its repercussions to the various communities; and 
  • The expanding awareness of restorative justice's benefits and its applicability to a wide range of contexts. 


To further its vision making high-quality restorative justice available to all citizens in Europe and beyond, the European Forum for Restorative Justice launches its Winter Academy this year. The Academy provides a high-quality learning opportunity for those interested in getting involved  in restorative justice, implementing restorative justice programmes or want to get a systematic introduction to the topic. Get to know more →

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It all started in 1975 in England, where prison chaplains launched a day to remember incarcerated people, the ‘Prisoner’s Sunday’. The idea was then spread in other countries and 20 years later it become the ‘Prisoner’s Week’. This is still celebrated and in Belgium the national prison week and our international RJ week are celebrated with a good collaboration between the EFRJ and local organisers working in prison settings: for example, in 2017 their theme is about family members of prisoners, something where RJ can have a proper say. Finally, it was only in 1996 that Canada expanded the prisoner’s week into the ‘Restorative Justice Week: Community, Victims, and Prisoners’, shortened to ‘Restorative Justice Week’.
Nowadays, the International RESTORATIVE JUSTICE WEEK (#RJWeek) take place  every year all over Europe and beyond and the European Forum for Restorative Justice joined this international campaign since 2000.

RJ week 2019

17-24 November 2019

The European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) launched 6 short videos (one for each day of the RJ week), with interviews with some of our Board members responding to the question “Why does RJ matters?“.  You can watch them here: 

Tim Chapman 
Roberto Moreno
Patrizia Patrizi
Edit Törzs
Bart Claes
Annemieke Wolthuis

Also, the EFRJ published a booklet about environmental justice that you can find here. 

Booklet "Environmental justice: restoring the justice"

RJ week 2018

18-25 November 2018.

For this event, the European Forum of Restorative Justice (EFRJ) launched the film “Expanding the restorative imagination” based on interviews taken during its 10th international conference in Tirana (8 minutes) as well as "Re-storying a terrorist tragedy: The encounter" and "Re-storying a Greek tragedy: Electra meets Clytemnestra" produced for the workshop session “The theatricality of human drama and restorative justice”, presented by Katerina Soulou (EFRJ board member) in collaboration with Evdokimos Tsolakidis (Theater of Changes). 

The EFRJ also launched the European Restorative Justice Policy Network. The event brought together representatives of the ministries working in restorative justice, penal mediation and/or criminal justice legislation from all European member states. The aim was to share experiences, reforms, best practices and challenges in member states; to make European policy makers aware of new research outcomes, innovative practices and international policy matters regarding restorative justice; to learn about needs and how the EFRJ could further develop (policy) development; and to provide a forum for discussion.

On 20 November morning the group visited the Belgian mediation service Mediante, directed by Antonio Buonatesta, one of the EFRJ founders and active member of the EFRJ, who presented the work of the organisation and the application of restorative justice in serious crime.

The EFRJ also launched a series of postcards, based on the artworks of Lee Anderson, an artist from the UK who joined us in Tirana for drawing some of the workshop sessions. 

RJ week 2017

19-26 November 2017

Among others, the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) launched the film ‘A Conversation’ (played by No Theatre) based on a real meeting between two families after a case of rape and murder.
EFRJ also published a booklet including articles on research and practical experiences on the use of arts in RJ (either as a communication tool or for raising awareness), following the June issue of the EFRJ Newsletter.

RJ week 2016

20-27 November 2016

The European Forum for Restorative Justice organised a series of activities bringing together arts, justice and storytelling. These activities were not only for passively experiencing and ‘consuming’ stories, but also for sharing and creating them, such as a master class on theatre as a restorative tool, a cartoon workshop and a digital storytelling workshop

Read the stories about RJ we collected from all around Europe and beyond!